How did Man land on the moon?

Dear Friend,

 What do the ancient Moabite king Balak, Johnny Clegg & Neil Armstrong have in common? Come hear the drosho tonight to find out!

 Happy milestone birthdays to Advocate Doron Goldberg on his 50th, Wardeness Sheila Wagenheim on her 70th and Mel Marshall on his second Bar Mitzvah…83 years old! Mazel tov and many years of good health and nachas.

 Learning at Marais Road Shul is back in full swing! Our Bochurim of the Yeshiva of CT are back, invigorated from a tour of much of SA. Contact Rabbi Hecht to book some time to learn with one. Monday’s Yeshiva night is on again and Lady’s PBM (Professional Beit Midrash) starts Tuesday Morning July 30. See the Shmooze for details.

 Daven e caffe will take place on Friday August 2 7-8:15am.

 Next Friday night is children’s blessings. Please send in your young ‘uns names to

 Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

 Rabbi Dovid Wineberg