How do you pray?

Dear Friend,


Asking HaShem for your needs is one of the essential components of Prayer and an expression of faith.


But saying ‘thank you’ to G-d is equally fundamental to prayer & is an expression of mentchlichkeit, human decency (a great Torah value!).


While it’s common for people to come to Shul for the former reason, the latter opportunity to thank HaShem is only rarely a reason for someone’s visit.


How special it was then, this morning, to welcome Shawn Rudnick to Shul as he came to give thanks to HaShem for Zara’s giving birth yesterday to a healthy baby girl. Baruch HaShem & Mazel Tov!


Mazel Tov to proud grandparents Alan & Elana Rudnick and Beverley Zetler and to Wolfie & Glickie Bloom on the birth of their great granddaughter. Much nachas!


Mazel Tov to Esther Schwartz on the marriage of her granddaughter, Simone Abel to Itai Tamar.


Mazel Tov to our dedicated children service staff Leah & Batya Hepple on celebrating their 18th birthday!


This Shabbat is called “mevarchim” because we bless the new month (Tammuz). As in each Shabbat Mevarchim , Rebbetzin Sara will host the Ladies Tehillim Circle in the Shul Hall @ 5pm.


Condolences to Denise Dogon on the passing of her husband, Mark (Smiler) Dogon, and to Maureen Summerfield and her children Richard, Charles, Amanda & Suzanne on the passing of their husband & father, Royalton Summerfield.


May HaShem give you strength & comfort in this time.


Please note that from next Friday, July 5, Mincha services will be at 5:45pm.


Shabbat Shalom & Happy reading!