Ingathering of the Jews

Dear Friend,

What is the third largest sporting event in the world? You wouldn’t believe it, but the Maccabiah (this year is its 20th) is it! 

Thousands of Jewish youth have gathered in the Holy Land to compete in sports- as Jews. South Africa is fielding a large contingent with Cape Town making an impressive showing. We wish each delegate much success! 

Welcome and Mazel Tov to Alan & Kim Feldman who are celebrating their son Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah this week, in our Shul. The Feldman’s hail from Melbourne but heard so much about our Shul from brother Evan & Lara, they decided to do the Barmy at Marais Rd Shul! (Also most of their family is in SA…) Mazel Tov to grandparents Robin & Merle Feldman and Looky & Freda Braude of Pretoria & Johannesburg respectively. Mazel Tov, Mate! 

Mazel Tov to Avin & Lauren Lieberman and Michael & Helen Lieberman who are celebrating  their son & grandson, Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas. Much nachas! 

Gideon Wolman was a Shul ‘all-rounder‘. He could lead the service, shoot off any Haftorah and was always happy to help someone in need. His passing this week is a shock to our community, his many friends & work colleagues- and of course his family. Our condolences to his mother, Tilly Wolman, and siblings Geoffrey & Michelle. 

The fast of “17th of Tammuz” falls out this Tuesday. Fast begins at 6:31am & ends  6:11pm. This ushers in the 3 Weeks of mourning for the destruction of both Temples in Yerushalayim & the terrible exiles which followed & which- almost 2000 years later- we still find ourselves in. 

The Talmud notes that, “those who mourn the Temple’s destruction, will merit to rejoice in its rebuilding”. Click here for more info.

May we merit the rebuilding of G-d’s Beit Hamikdash & the revelation of Hashem’s One-ness in all the world, through the coming of Mashiach, speedily! 

Did you miss the JLI Israel course? No worries! Chabad House is running the course July 26- August 30 with lecturer Rebbetzin Nicole Green. Email to book your spot.

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading,