Is the Mashiach (finally) coming?

Dear Friend,


Just as I thought the Small Shull couldn’t get any fuller, Ben Isserow came along and packed it out! Since Ben will be performing his Barmy with Chabad in Mauritius, friends had an opportunity to celebrate together as Ben was called up for his first Aliyah to the Torah.


Normie always told me that when we’ll fill up the Small Shul, Moshiach will come. I guess he’s on his way!


Mazel tov Ben and mazel tov to your parents, Mark & Gina Isserow and grandmothers, Felicity Isserow & Joan Resnekov. It was typical of the community responsibility for which this family is well known, that they made the effort to celebrate locally, even while celebrating overseas. Much nachas!


This week, daven e caffe celebrates ‘No Lift Wednesday’! That’s right, with school holidays upon us, all the gents still in town can join us on Wednesday morningfor the monthly daven e caffe- without worrying about school lifts! Guys, hope to see you there. 7-8:15am


Next Friday our Shul hosts a Young Adults Shabbat Dinner at the Premier Hotel, with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Hecht. Theme is “the ’70’s” and it should be a great social and spiritual evening. Book through the Shul website


Condolences to Claudette Davis on the loss of her mother, Malka Galaun, and to Alan & Gary Shapiro and Janine Waltman on the loss of their mother, Freda Shapiro. We wish you strength and comfort in this time.


Mazel tov to Neil Gore on graduating with a BA LLB. Law Degree. With everything going on in his life, to add to his other qualifications, is some achievement. Shkayach!


On Wednesday night, Rebbetzin Sara hosted a group of brides and brides to be for a Challah Bake evening. Click here to check out the video (ty Pia Munitz) of some of her remarkable challah creations!


Huge mazel tov to Tevis & Hilary Joffe on their 50th Wedding Anniversary! This golden couple are also the parents of our Cantor, Ivor Joffe and are true stalwarts of our community. May Hashem bless them with much continued nachas and the good health to celebrate with us on their diamond anniversary.


Mazel tov to Joshua & Isobel Fleishman and Ivan & Linda Stone on their son grandson, Benjamin Stone’s Bar Mitzvah, in Johannesburg. A warm mazel tov to Benjamin’s parents, Stuart & Jackie Stone. Much mazel and brocha!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg