Israel’s busy week

Dear Friend,


Israel has had a busy week. From national elections that emphasized the vibrancy of her society & revealed a growing religious & traditional demographic to a spacecraft that managed a lunar orbit ‘hop’ but landed a bit too hard on the moon’s surface


And in Marais Rd Shul the Israele celebration continues as we celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Martine Israele to Leon Mayo!


Mazel to Leon on his ufruf this Shabbas and to his parents, Benjamin & Linda Mayo. Mazel tov to Martine’s mom, Judy Israele and family. The Israele Mishpocho has been a devoted Marais Rd Shul family member for years & we’re thrilled to celebrate your simcha!


Mazel tov to Farrel & Jaclyn Strul on the birth of their daughter…Sara Bayla! The newest Strul addition was named at the monthly Shtibl Minyan by Rabbi Hecht, in a grand celebration. Much yiddishe nachas!


Want to get ready for Pesach? How about some wine-tasting? Exclusive Wine tasting with Backsberg Estate and a featured Shiur by Rabbi Pini Hecht! Monday 15 April 7.30pm in our Shul hall. Coffee and Decadent deserts served. Book now!


Want to join our Seder? Pls book by Monday! Join Marais Road Shul For 1st & 2nd Night Pesach (19th And 20th April). Book online or call 021 4397543.


No money? No problem! Just email me with how much you can pay and we’ll sort you out with some spots at the Shul seder. A big Shkayach to all those who have donated towards assisting others for Pesach needs. But pls, pls, let me know of those who require assistance so we could make a small difference.


Condolences to Howard, Brian, Keith & Graham Sarembock on the loss of their mother and matriarch of the Sarembock clan, Lilian Sarembock. We wish the family comfort.


And a big Mazel tov to Sonja Keschner on her 90th Birthday! Many more years of good health and nachas.


Pesach is an active yom tov so please note these dates. More details are in your schmooze, and a Chometz sale form is attached.



Sunday 14 April: Koshering of cutlery & utensils @ shul entrance 10am – 1pm with Bachurim

Thursday 18 April: Chametz sale forms must be handed in @ shul office by 9.30am; Bedikat Chametz –Search for chametz in your home. After 7pm. Full info in your Artscroll Siddur pg. 654

Friday 19 April (Public Holiday) Fast of the First Born – Ta’anis Bechoros

  • Shacharit 8.00am • Siyum / Break the fast 8.30am • Latest time to eat chametz 10.15am
  • Latest time to burn chametz 11.15am • Shul will have bonfire 7.30 – 11.15am


Visit for your full Pesach guide- from DIY to study and insights.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg