It starts… Shivers, Slichot and Jewish spines

Dear Friend,

Welcome Maccabi! Wait, I thought the games were done? Actually, the real games have just begun! After last month’s Appreciation Service with Rabbi Hecht, the crew and parents decided to join the youth service once a month! So tonight these long distance athletes will keep going the Jewish mile packing in to the small Shul and rocking the house. Golden nachas!

Our condolences to Merle Rubin and Sam Galansky on the sudden passing of their brother, Ivan Galansky. Ivan was a fixture of our Jewish community and took a deep interest in its affairs. He will be sorely missed. We extend condolences to his sons, Graeme and Gavin and wish the whole family strength in this time.

Rosh Hashanah is less than 2 weeks away and with it comes the rush of preparation. As always the Shul will be hosting first night dinner. To book visit the shul website or call Ethne 0214397543.

The Shabbas day Shtibl service is back! Every month we offer a full “shtibl” style service in the small Shul. Starts at 9am, all welcome!

In preparation for the High Holy Days and in honour of Chai Elul, your Rabbis and Rebbetzins invite you to a Cholent Farbrengen! Farbrengen will start at 12:30pm (after the shiur). As always it’ll feature soul talk, song and a little lchaim. All welcome!

The word ‘Slichot’ sends shivers down Jewish spines as we realize that the days of Awe are upon us. It all starts next Saturday night at Midnight (technically Sunday morning) as a thread of kindness envelopes the universe. That’s when Jews join together to begin the Slichot services. See this week’s Shmooze for an explanation of these services. I encourage you make your High Holy Days extra special this year and start with Slichot. Next Saturday night September 16, at midnight in the small Shul.

Thanks to all who have reached out to support Rabbi Wineberg’s Discretionary fund. Thanks to each of you we are in a position to assist and are already doing so. If you know of anyone who could use some help, please let me know by simply replying to this email (don’t hit ‘reply all’, just reply and make sure it’s only my address in the address box). For those still making payments, pls be aware that Bidvest Bank sometimes requires you to add to zeroes to the account number (and to your contribution as well!). Shkayach!