It’s gonna be HUGE

Dear Friend,


A huge mazel tov to Liam Amsdorf on his Bar Mitzvah! Why huge? Because not only did he get an Aliyah this week, not only did his Zaide, Arnie Katz come all the way from P.E. to lead the first part of Shachrit (like a pro), not only did Liam lead the second half of the service (power), not only did he lain one Aliyah on Monday morning, but he lained two aliyot and a long one to boot. Huge, no?

Mazel tov to his parents, Steven Amsdorf and Maxine Katz. Mazel tov to grandparents Esther Amsdorf and Arnie and Merle Katz. Much nachas!

This Simcha is enhanced when one considers how much Steven has done and continues to do for our community. How thrilling it must be for him to be able to have this milestone celebrated in Shul. We all know Steven as the guardian of our Shul, and we’re excited to welcome him and the family into Shul for the Bar Mitzvah. Much nachas!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Pini and Chani Hecht who will be celebrating Menachem Mendel’s opsherin (first haircutting) this week! A warm mazel tov to grandparents Rabbi Yossi and Raizy Hecht and Itche and Faigy Minkowitz who have all become such a part of our Marais Rd. Shul Family. Much yiddishe and chassidishe nachas!

Mazal Tov to Ivan & Ruth Goodman on the birth of their grandson and to Zelda Rutenberg/Margolis on the birth of her great grandson. Much nachas!

“The best lecture I’ve ever heard!” That’s how one participant described to me the first in the series of the all-new Jewish course of WHY, which  started this past Wednesday. Rabbi Hecht has advised me that each course is  independent and there are still a few more slots available. Click here to book or call the Shul office.

Do you like humour? Jewish Humour? How about FRUM humour? Hmm. Well, introducing Ashley Blaker and his hot show from the UK, “Meshuga Frum”. It’s this Tuesday night in Greenpoint and I have just a few tickets with a 20% discount. (Now, that’s Jewish!) If you want to join Sara and me, please email Tickets are R200pp (reduced from 250). First come, first served!

This week is a HUGE week for South Africa with everyone’s attention centred on the Zuma no-confidence vote in Parliament. Will it be a secret ballot or open voting? Will that make the difference? Which method of voting is the correct one? Stay tuned as I’ll be addressing it in tonight’s sermon. 

2 weeks ago 3 members of the Salomon family were brutally murdered in Chalamish, Israel, as they gathered to celebrate Shabbat and the birth of a Grandson. On the initiative of Mizrachi SA, our Shul and yeshiva of CT will be hosting an open house Oneg Shabbat TONIGHT at our residence, 25 Duncan Rd. Sea Point. Pop in anytime between 9pm-11pm and enjoy some desserts and a lchaim. Let’s respond to the hate with an increased togetherness and celebration of Shabbos. No booking necessary, security will be posted so easy access. Hope to see you there!

Mom’s and tots led by Rebebtzin Chani Hecht this Shabbas day. Always a popular choice! See Shmooze for details.

Our condolences to Pearl Lan on the loss of her husband, Mannie. Mannie was renowned for his dress sense and good humour and he will be sorely missed.

Talking about huge, it gives me great pleasure to wish our honorary life member Ella Blumenthal a happy birthday on her 96th birthday this Shabbas! Ella was born in Warsaw on “Shabbat Nachamu”, the Shabbat of comfort that follows Tisha b’av, and she is appropriately named Nechama. Ella, may Hashem continue to bless you with koach, good health and much Yiddish nachas. Mazel tov!

The Jewish Board of Deputies, Cape Council will be hosting their Conference this Sunday at the Hatfield Campus. A number of our congregants are standing to represent our Jewish community to Government and wider society and we wish them hatzlacha. Mazel tov to Rael Koping who has already been voted in through the community wide vote!

Marais Road Shul will also be represented as I’ve been asked to open the conference with a Prayer. May the conference indeed be successful in serving the purpose of Kiddush Hashem and protecting the rights and needs of our growing community.  

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg