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Dear Friend,

A warm welcome to delegates of the African Jewish Congress who will be at our Shul this evening. The conference is headed by its president, Rebbetzin Ann Harris. Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft is the Rabbi of the Congress and is more popularly known as the “Travelling Rabbi”. He’ll deliver the Shiur tomorrow after the brocha.

Check out this promo for ‘Derech Eretz’, a new program on SABC 2. Shkayach to our cantor Ivor Joffe who composed the music for the show! It runs every Sunday at 8:30am. I’m on TV this Sunday, so check it out!

Mazel tov to Hymie Philips on his 70th birthday! May you enjoy many happy, healthy and nachas filled years.

Mazel tov to Dr. David Saperson on the birth of a great-granddaughter. Much nachas!

daven e cafe is back! Your monthly chance to plug in and re-charge with Tefillin, cappuccino, and good company! This Wednesday morning January 25 7-8:15am.

Condolences to Ada Newman and her children, Gail, Nolan and Hilary on the passing of their husband and father, Abe Newman. Also condolences to his granddaughters who are our members, Lindsay and Martine. Abe was such a presence in our Shul and many have expressed to me how the Shabbas day service will never be the same. Just 3 weeks ago he and Ada were in Shul where he enjoyed the vibe, the energy and the delicious brocha. He will be sorely missed and we wish the family strength and comfort.

Welcome back to our Bachurim, Tzvi and Josh! The boys just completed a very successful stint at Bnei Akiva camp, where a record number of Capetonian kids gave the Mother City a very good name. If you want to set up some learning with one of them, they’re waiting for your call! Tzvi 0748754308; Josh 0844000964.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!