Join us in prayer- & nachas

Dear Friend,

In light of the second wave of the Coronavirus in Cape Town, the community under guidance from medical experts, Chief Rabbi’s office and the Rabbinical Association of the Western Cape has instituted that a shul service have no more than 50 people at a time. 

Tomorrow morning’s Shul service will be at 8:30am to accommodate our Bar Mitzvah family’s simcha, which will take place at 9:30.

To book for the regular service at 8:30 (& all other Shabbas services), pls click here

Mazel Tov to Oliver Frankel on his Bar Mitzvah! Thursday morning’s ‘first Aliyah’ was much more than that- Ollie led the entire Tefilla in a true demonstration of what it means to be a member of the Jewish community. This included leading the service, repetition of the Amida & reading from the Torah. What a champ!! May your passion for excellence & Yiddishkeit continue to wax with the years. 

Mazel Tov to your parents Steven & Brenna Frankel! You have truly led the way for Oliver. Mazel Tov to your grandparents, Lydia Abel, Jill & Hilly Chimes, Jonny & Shelly Frankel & Leonard Abel who all kleibed such well- deserved nachas. 

The Zervice will be at 5pm & I hope you’ll join us! Our community is experiencing an unbearable amount of afflicted with many hospitalized. I look forward to praying communally with you this afternoon at the Zervice for their well-being and the health of all those suffering illness. May they be blessed with a refua sheleima ukrova. 

To join the Zervice click here

 password: Maraisroad 

Mincha in Shul this evening is at 6:30PM. Click here to book in-shul services

Mazel Tov to Dianne Jocum on her Birthday & to Miriam Solin on her special Birthday! Errol & Loraine Anstey are celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov to all!! 

Condolences to Irma Barenblatt on the loss of her husband and Richard Barenblatt , Mark Barenblatt & Tracey Wolf on the loss of their father, Raoul Barenblatt. 

Condolences to Zervice regular Tammy Hirschsohn on the sudden loss of her sister, Phillipa Seidel. 

Condolences to community leader Li Boiskin on the loss of her sister, Mary Russel

Condolences to Shul regular Bernard Shapiro on the loss of his sister, Anita Jocum

Condolences to Jonathan, Howard & Stephen Palte on the loss of their mother, Sonia Palte. 

Condolences to Lauren Haskel & Jeffrey Wainstein, Tony Benatar & Corinne Broomberg on the sudden loss of their mother & sister, Gwen Kaminer. 

Congrats to Dr. Harry & Shooshy Buchinsky as their son, Dr. Roy Buchinsky was recently recognized as one of Cleveland’s (USA) top doctors. Much nachas!

Congrats to Professor Pinky & Etty Sareli on their son, Dr Ari Sareli, receiving the first Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine in Florida & one of the first in the United States, leading the way forward to a healed world. See the article here

Shabbat shalom, Chanukah sameach (for the last few hours of it!) & happy reading!