Knock knock. Can we come in?

Dear Friend,

Yesterday’s communal virtual gathering was amazing! The feedback has been incredible and we were joined by members as far away as Johannesburg & London.

And today we continue fighting isolation as we bring the Shul into your homePre-Shabbas Celebration will take place at 5:15pm with all your favorites: rabbi, Chazan, choir- and a blessing to the kinderlach (bring your own chocolates!). Shul is closed. Long live Shul! Click here to join

Mazel Tov to Josie & Hillel Chemel on the birth & bris of their son, Jacob! May you have much Yiddish nachas from the little champ and may he usher much blessing to you & your families.

Mazel Tov to Stephen & Anette Fox on the birth of a grandson!! Much nachas and joy.

If you take chronic medication for hypertension or heart disease, please note. Should you have prescriptions that are expiring and you can’t get hold of your doctor, Proffessor Pinky Sareli is a Cardiologist & member of our Shul and he’s offering to extend your prescription. Also, if you have any questions relating to the above, feel free to call him on 0828817131.

Minyan Moment will start on Sunday at 8am. Each day we’ll Daven together through Zoom. This is not a Halachic Minyan so no Kaddish, kedusha or borchu will be said. But at least we could be together! Click on here each weekday from just before 8am:

A whole host of online learning options will be made available on Monday, so stay tuned.

Saying Kaddish for a departed loved one is one of the most important ways that we honour them. It’s been deeply distressing to many that they cannot now honour them in this manner, nor bring them the peace their neshomo deserves. I firmly believe that the mitzvah of staying healthy and saving lives will bring immeasurable peace to our loved one’s souls and there is no need to worry.

Should you still wish Kaddish to be said in their memory, pls visit this link for a free service by, tapping in to still existing minyanim in safer parts of the world.

Pesach is around the corner & this year our community is in crises. Just in Marais Rd Shul, possibly hundreds will have to celebrate the sedarim alone. Our team is exploring all options to help with prepared seder kits and more. The first laws of Pesach lists the obligation to ensure the less fortunate have all their pesach needs. This is called ‘Ma’ot Chittin’. Please consider a donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund– Bidvest Savings Acct 4119444001 branch 462005 ref: your name +pesach. Thank you!

A huge thank you to our Shul staff for holding the fort in this difficult time. Shkayach!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!