Kulula, Mobeli and Cape Jewish Board of Deputies

Dear Friend,


What a week. From the blessing of rain to the dramatic- and damaging- storms, to the wildfires in Knysna. Progressive Man doesn’t like to think of itself as helpless; its resources depleted. But every once in a while nature will remind us that we can’t control all things. We are then humbled to learn that the only thing we could control, is our response.

And what an amazing sight to see civil society mobilizing its response! While corporations are making their significant contributions (like Kulula flying in volunteers for free), you and I could also make our meaningful difference. The Board of Deputies is leading a drive, so please donate generously! Click here for more info, and register your humbled response to these tragedies.

And Civil service came to the fore in Marais Road Shul as well! A big “Shkayach” to Mobelli Furniture and Living and the Sachs family for sponsoring our Shavuot events with Scholar in residence Rabbi Ken Spiro. Bringing out quality international speakers is a challenging task for a Shul (amazing how the Chief Rabbi shleps a dozen of them in- every year!) and with support, we were able to make it happen to the benefit of our community. Toda Raba!

Mazel tov to Ethan Miller on celebrating his Bar Mitzvah! Ethan had his first Aliyah yesterday and I know that he will continue to shine on Shabbas. Mazels to his dad, Gavin Miller, and to his Grandparents, Sue and Milton Seligson and Irwin Miller. Mazel tov!

Mazel tov to Jeff Closenberg who is celebrating his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah in Johannesburg, and to Charles and Yvonne Berman who are celebrating their grandson’s Barmy in Sydney. Much nachas!

We sadly bid farewell to two Cape Town stalwarts this week. Our condolences to Sharon Cohen and her family on the passing of her mother, Juliet Ruditzky. Condolences to the Geffen family on the passing of Hazel Geffen. May Hashem grant you comfort in this time.

A special welcome to Grade 4 Herzlia Weizmann! Staff, learners, and their families join us tonight for the annual grade dinner. Grade dinners are a wonderful celebration of the relationship between Shul and school; information and inspiration. They’re a reminder that our families are part of the spiritual fabric of our community. We at Marais Rd. are so proud of our relationship with Herzlia and especially the Weizmann school, and we look forward to welcoming the families and proud learners- and of course Principal Mr. Krupenia and the dedicated teaching staff to our Shul. Bruchim Habaim!

It’s my pride and pleasure to wish an avid reader of the weekly Shmooze emails a very big mazel tov. This week, our daughter, Esther, graduates High School– in Tzfat, Israel, having completed three years in the Hebrew language Beit Chana High School. We are so proud of you and so many in our community salute you and your achievements. May you go mechayil el choyil, from strength to strength!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg