Leave the ink!

Dear Friend,


No amount of soap could wash away the indelible feeling of freedom and empowerment from Wednesday’s elections.


Everyone I’ve met since Wednesday has worn the ink stain with great pride. Why some people would go to such lengths to erase it, is unfathomable to me.


I’ve also felt a lot of Jewish pride this week. The Yom Hazikaron commemoration at Herzlia Middle school was a powerful mixture of hope and sadness, as we recalled the thousands who lost their lives in defense of their people. Kudos to our Bachurim in Yeshiva of CT for their presentation.


And a great crowd gathered for Yom Ha’atzmaut at the Zip Zap circus to celebrate Israel and to wear their Jewish pride & joy very openly.


Speaking of Jewish pride, yesterday morning’s service must’ve topped the charts! Mazel Tov to Gabe Marsden on having his first Aliyah to the Torah! The crowd was so large, we moved to the Big Shul and you could really feel the energy. Mazel Tov to Gabe’s parents, Bradley & Karen and to his grandparents, Mike & Cynthia Marsden. Gabe will be celebrating his Barmy in Israel & we wish the gantze mishpocho Mazel Tov!


Then, to add to the joyous mix, Daniel Brauer came to Shul to name his baby girl! Mazel Tov to Daniel & Leigh on the birth and naming of Maya Chana. Mazels to the Grandparents, Harvey & Jenny Saunders & Martin & Audrey Brauer. Much nachas!


Jewish Pride continues with Lag B’omer on May 22! Join us at the Green Point Cricket Club for a fun filled evening for young and old. R50 donation. Booking on the Shul website. A number of Shuls will be joining us so get ready for a great crowd!


Condolences to Lucy Trouskalo on the loss of her mother, Valentina Tkacheva. May Hashem grant you strength and comfort


Our shul is proud to host this year’s PBM (Professional Beit Midrash) for women. New semester begins May 14 and includes courses by our very ownRebbetzin Sara & Rabbi Hecht. See the Shmooze of more info.


Speaking of Jewish Pride, Mazel Tov to Steve Amsdorf on his 60th Birthday! No matter how you are feeling when you approach our Shul on Shabbas, Steve’s hearty greeting is sure to lift your spirits. Many more decades, with much nachas & Joy!


Sticking with the number 60, Mazel Tov to Maureen & Roylton Summerfield on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary! Wow, what a blessing. Many many more happy healthy years together.


Mazel tov to Bernard Saven on his 70th Birthday! Bernard is an absolute Shul regular and a proud member of the Trop club. We looking forward to his Haftorah tomorrow to celebrate this special milestone.


 Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!