Let’s look forward

Dear Friend,

I pray that the new calendar year be one of revealed blessing and renewed hope. May HAShem protect us all. Happy new year!

Tonight’s Zervice will be at 6PM as there is no in-shul Tefilla. HTTPS://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad. 

Mazel Tov to Perez Bloom, Wolfie Bloom & committee member Neville Scher on their special birthdays. Many years of good health & nachas! 

Congrats to Melvyn & Anita Greenstein on their 50th Wedding Anniversary & to Hylton & Leanora Solomon on their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov!! Many happy healthy nachas-filled years together. 

Cantor Joffe has started a rolling Tehillim Whatsapp group, praying for good health for those afflicted with the Coronavirus. Participants can take on a psalm or 2 and thus keep finishing the book of 150 psalms together. To join the group click here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EcUE3Z1sNalLiRMAsB6twR

Our Condolences to Eileen Smiedt on the loss of her husband and to Dale & Romy Smiedt, Wendy Kark & Andi Falk on the loss of their father, Shul Trustee and honorary Shul attorney Alan Smiedt. 

Every Shabbas, we make a blessing for those who voluntarily serve the community “faithfully”. This means that those who treat their volunteer responsibilities with the same degree of obligation as a paying role, are serving ‘be’emuna’ with a high degree of commitment. Alan was such a person, whether it was community responsibilities or pro Bono ‘cases’- Alan gave them all the same degree of commitment and professionalism.  

Alan’s passing leaves a void for so many and we wish his family strength & comfort in this challenging time. 

Condolences to Rica Schlosberg on the loss of her husband, and to Tammy & Kevin Isaacman & Robert & Jaqui Schlosberg on the loss of their father and Bette Schlosberg & Naomi Green on the loss of their brother, Benny Schlosberg. 

Benny gave our Shul, a neshoma. He was the founder of the now internationally famous Haftorah Trop Club. Although the Trop Club trained Jews from all over the city and beyond, we at Marais Road Shul were always proud to be the ‘home’ of the Club. 

Benny will be sorely missed and we wish his family strength & comfort.  

Condolences to Esther, Leon, Jill & Brian Singer on the passing of their husband & father, Barney Singer. Barney was a community leader par excellence with a special love of Israel. We wish the family strength & comfort in this time. 

Sadly & painfully Shuls have been closed in this level 3 lockdown. Although Shuls have been proven to be safe spaces, we have gotten caught up in the broader prohibition on religious gatherings to stop the spread.

In the meantime we have moved services virtually back to Zoom. Shachrit during the week will be at 8am & mincha at 6:30pm. Save this link to join services. Https://zoom.us/j/6132461836 password 1836

If you are not our Shul whatsapp group, which keeps our community up to date, please join the WhatsApp group by clicking here https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuwgrwTtbKk4de9RAsg18u

May our Shul experience a better week and a better year.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!