Bat Mitzvah

Mazel Tov, you’re having a Bat Mitzvah!  To plan for your big day, Marais Road Shul has the world famous Bat Mitzvah Club (BMC) founded and directed by Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg.

At BMC you’ll make new friends with girls just like you, talk about all the stuff you want to talk about, get the inside scoop on what to expect as you become a teen, learn ways to deal with situations you might find yourself in, discover more about yourself, and connect with your Jewish spirit. BMC is all about YOU!

BMC culminates in a combined Bat Mitzvah Club graduation ceremony at the beautiful Marais Road Shul.  During the year your daughter will also have her own special day, where she will deliver a Dvar Torah at the Shabbat morning service.  Please fill in the application form regarding your prefered date.  Please note your selected date should be after  your daughters  12th Hebrew birthday.  Once a date has been booked your daughter will have a private lesson with Rebbetzin Chani Hecht to work on her Dvar Torah.

Click here for the Bat Mitzvah application form or click here for the BMC membership form.

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