Lockdown or locked-in?

Just a reminder that our ever growing and popular virtual pre Shabbat service starts today at 4:45pm. Zoom.us/j/6132461836.
We will offer birthday blessings to all those celebrating in the coming week. Please send me names so we could include you or a loved one in the blessing. I will be reciting a ‘mi shebeirach’ prayer for healing; please share names of those who need blessing. Cantor Ivor Joffe will intone the Hazkara for the upcoming Yohrtzeits, please share this info as well so your loved one can be included.
And speaking of birthdays, Mazel Tov to Shul Chorister Matt Wilck on his 13th Hebrew birthday today! This means that Matt turns Bar Mitzvah today, although the celebrations and services are scheduled for after the Sefira period. Mazel tov to Matt’s parents, David & Lauren Wilck and to grandparents, Robert & Dianne Feinblum and Hilda Wilck. Much nachas! 
WhatsApp has become a valuable way to keep in touch. Since locked-in, more than 300 people have joined the group! Only the Admins can post so there’s no conversations going on and I post regular schedules and and shul related info. If you wish to join or invite someone to join just use this link- it’s really simple! https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuwgrwTtbKk4de9RAsg18u

Mazel Tov also to milestone birthdays- Lilian Sheldon on her 90th Birthday,  Adele Saven on her 70th Birthday, Isaac James on his 80th Birthday, Nathan Sarembock on his 65th Birthday, Stanley Cohen on his 75th Birthday and Gary Locketz on his 50th Birthday! Good health and a blessed year and decade ahead. 

Mazel Tov to Aubrey & Suzanne Luck on their 25th Wedding Anniversary and to Craig & Jessica Wells on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Many decades of love, peace, nachas and togetherness!

All of these milestones remind us that somehow life is going on in the locked-in mode that we are in. Last Friday I spoke of finding positive terms to apply to this time. Locked-in is one term that I’ve chosen as it speaks of being connected rather than disconnected.

 Another positive expression is ‘stay home’. Despite a brief reprieve this morning, we are still largely home-bound, and this can be experienced positively. We spend our whole lives paying for our home, must be a special space!

Condolences to Avi, Sara, Vanya & Yoni Keren on the loss of their father, Shmuel Keren. Shmuel was a brave officer in the IDF and his burial on Yom Hazikaron was no coincidence as it honoured his years of sacrifice for our People and Land. We wish his family strength and comfort. 

Chanan Suiza is offering another edition of children services at 3pm today. Includes live magic tricks from Israel! See the Shmooze for details.

Shabbat shalom and happy reading!