Dear Friend,  

As Coronavirus continues to ironically broaden our horizons, we are proud to host ‘daughter of Hamas’, Maya, this Sunday night, 8pm. Maya’s story hit 1000 logins in Joburg and they had to host a second night with same results! Don’t miss Maya’s journey from daughter of Hamas to daughter of Israel, this Sunday night. Https://

The Moshiach panel discussion on Tuesday night was a big hit & I keep getting regards from it. I was so proud of our Shul attendance & participation and I hope these programs motivate more & more involvement. For those who missed it, here’s the link to watch the full program. Pls note the password.

Password: Moshiach

Our weekly Zervice kicks off at 4:30 and will include some popular SA musicians. See you then!  Https://

Mazel Tov to Shul Trustee and Trustee of the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Hilton & Ros Saven on the birth of a granddaughter in Joburg. I’m not sure if traveling to see the new princess can be classified as a business trip, but much nachas you will have!!

Sam & Bev Coblentz ( I know them as ‘Mr. Koblentz’ & ‘Morah Baila’) celebrated their grandson Yedidya Ziegler’s Bar Mitzvah last week- Mazel Tov & much much nachas! 

You’ve probably all seen the Chief Rabbi’s communique that Shul’s will remain closed at least until beginning of July. I can tell you that these decisions have been reached together and have not been easy. Let us pray that the virus eases its spread by then. Until then please take extra precaution in this time. 

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!  

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Rd. Shul

Cape Town

021 439 7543