Mazal tov, mazal tov, mazal tov ….

Mincha has moved! Please note, Mincha now starts at 6pm.

Dear Friend,

Purim was a real twister this year (twister, get it? As in no Argus race) with 2 events by night and 3 by day! The Shul really glowed in the dark on Saturday night as families piled into Shul to hear the Megillah! Yeshiva of CT bachur, Josh Braunold did a sterling reading as the kids boo’d Haman with gusto. After the reading the lights went out and magically a laser show with glow in the dark dancers lit up the Shul! At Caprice, the Yids descended in a virtual takeover for this weekend hot spot with dozens cramming in to hear the Megillah and costumes livening up the festivities. As one recently married member told me, “that was the best young people’s event I’ve ever been to in Cape Town”!

If that wasn’t enough, our Shul hosted a Purim Carnival on the Weizmann Complex attended by hundreds of people! Uge shkayach to Kerry for organising the Shul event and the Carnival, where she was ably helped by Karen Marsden and Carrie Gruzd. Ty! And big kudo’s to Rabbi Hecht for once again working with Greeny and Co to make hottest spot- Caprice- a Purim Spot.

The Shul wasn’t quiet for long until it woke up to the sound of a baby crying. His name is David Baruch (aka Jedd) Solomon and he had his Bris in Shul on Wednesday! Mazels to parents Taryn and Craig, and grandparents Stephen and Renee Gore and Hylton and Lee Solomon- a true community Simcha if there ever was one! Oh, did I mention Uncle Richard who led an impromptu choir to usher in the baby? Mazel tov!

I have no idea how they did it, but an hour later the hall had to be set up for the 2nd week of the Jewish course of ‘Why?’ with Rabbi Hecht. Sorry if you haven’t booked, it is sold out with over 50 subscribers. Better luck next time!

Jack and Shelly Bergman are celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Simonne- mazel tov! Simonne in her own inimitable style is having her Batty at the Seuda, following Mincha, with a beautiful Havdalah ceremony afterward. Mazel tov to Granny’s Liz Lipschitz and Bella Bergman, much nachas from this refined young lady!

It’s a good thing Simonne chose to have her Batty on Shabbat afternoon as we also celebrate 2 ufrufs this week!

Mazel tov to Darren Kramer and Gia Benatar on their wedding this coming week. Mazels to their parents, Raymond Benatar, Yvette Kramer and Lauren & Arthur Gillis. Much nachas- you guys have been dealt the best hand!!

Meyrick Levitas has become quite a regular at our Shul on his frequent visits to CT and we wish him Mazel tov on his son Brett Levitas’ wedding next week to Tamsyn Gordon! Mazels also to Tamsyn’s Mom, Ingrid Gordon. Much nachas!

A few years ago, I had the privilege of “marrying them” and now I have the pleasure to announce that they’re parents- and grandparents! Mazels to Brian and Adele Fuchs, and Ada Fuchs on the birth of their granddaughter and great-granddaughter born to Kelli and Farril Rosen in Joburg. Mazel tov!!

Mazel tov to Neil and Nadia Lipschitz on the forthcoming wedding of Neil’s daughter, Kylie to Trevor Bernberg. Much nachas!

It’s been a rough couple of months but an 85th birthday is still nothing to sneeze at, so mazel tov to our dear friend Ada Newman on her special birthday! May Hashem give you the strength and health to enjoy the remarkable nachas in your life.

Cristo Brand was Mandela’s Jailer, yet he wrote a bestseller called, ‘Mandela: My prisoner, my friend’! As we prepare for Pesach, come hear a remarkable angle on understanding freedom- taught by the world’s most famous prisoner to his very own Jailer. The talk will be preceded by a selection of shiurim on preparing for Pesach, as well as samplings of Pesach food and wines. Tuesday March 28 7:30-9:15pm. Book at the Shul office now!

Let us host you for the sedarim this year! Please book soonest with the Shul office for you and your family. All the info is in the Shmooze. Of course if you know of someone who cannot afford, please let me know and my Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will cover the cost.

Our condolences to Regina, David and Howard Donninger on the passing of their beloved husband and Father, Isadore Donninger. May hashem grant you strength and comfort in this time.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!