Mazel tov to our graduates!

Dear Friend,

Mazel tov to our graduating girls! For the 9th year, Marais Road Shul’s Bat Mitzvah Club will graduate a capacity group under the direction of Rebbetzin Sara. The combination of the choreography, music and verse of these young Jewish ladies, always creates memories for life. Everyone’s invited! This Sunday, 3-4pm in the Shul. Mazel tov!

September 1 marks 80 years since the beginning of World War 2 and the start of the Holocaust and I’d like you to join me to watch ‘Leo’s Journey’. Leo was a Mengele Twin and his story is told through his son, Richard Lowy, followed by a film. It is a most dramatic and powerful presentation. Click here to see a brief trailer.

Daven e caffe will take place next Friday, August 30 7-8:15am. Get your day off to a fresh start with this monthly opportunity to plug in!

Mazel tov to Hymie and Barbara Gordon on the birth of a granddaughter. Much Yiddishe nachas!

Mazel tov to Reva Chait on celebrating her 90th birthday this coming week! Reva and Sam are committed regulars at the Thursday Lunch Shiurim and will sponsor next Thursday’s shiur lunch in honour of this great day and great lady. Mazel tov! May you and Sam enjoy good health, long years and endless nachas.

Condolences to Minette Minitzer on the passing of her brother, Basil Allen. May Hashem grant you comfort.

Condolences to Dore Kleinberger on the passing of her mother, Eva Wolovitz. May Hashem grant you strength and comfort.

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is one of the most popular speakers out there and always attracts hundreds of people to his talks. He will be visiting our Shul next Shabbas and will deliver the shiur after the brocha titled: The Depth of Prayer- mystical tools for connection. 12pm in the big Shul- be there!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg