Meet the happy Scot.

Dear Friend,

This Shabbat we enter into the “First of the months”, Nissan. On this day, Nissan 1, the Tabernacle was dedicated to Hashem in the desert and is considered one of the most joyous days in the Jewish calendar.

So it’s no coincidence that we are blessed with a remarkable amount of smachot this week, including a double “Ufruf”!

Mazal Tov to Pia De Biaggi and Justin Munitz for their wedding, this Tuesday! Huge mazels to their parents Ezio & Robyn De Biaggi and Milton & Jenny Munitz. Both families go back generation in Marais Road Shul and we are excited to be celebrating the next generations involvement and Simcha. In fact, Justin has always been available when called to lend his talented photography skills for the Shul. Shkayach and much nachas!

Mazel tov to Yoav Burstain and Advah Chakim on their wedding, this Sunday! Our Shul has been Yoav’s home since he moved to Cape Town and in fact Yoav sponsors the printing of our weekly shmooze through his company Kustom Digital. Shkayach, we’re looking forward to the Simcha! Mazels to their parents Benzie Burstain & Lauren Hurwitz and Diane Bravo. Much nachas!

And mazel tov to Arthur and Lauren Gillis on their son Auri Benatar’s wedding to Jenni Davidson, this week! It’s been a wonderful run of smachot and we’re so thrilled for the mishpocho. Much nachas!

Mazel tov to Maurice Shenker on his 70th birthday! Anita and Maurice will be celebrating in Israel as it coincides with modern Israel’s 70th! Many years of good health and nachas.

Mazel tov to Rene Kleinman on the birth of her great grandson in Miami. Much nachas form the gantze mishpocho.

Mazel tov to David & Debbie Ginsberg on the engagement of their daughter, Robyn to Dovi Fittinghoff! Much nachas and blessing.

Mazel tov to Hylton & Lee Solomon on the engagement of their son, Ryan to Janna Beck.

Mazel tov to Felicia Rubin on the engagement of her son, Greg to Natalie Boas. No doubt Spike is watching from above and kvelling. Much nachas!

A warm welcome to Rabbi & Rebbetzin YY Rubinstein, who will be our scholar in residence this Shabbas. Rabbi YY had Joburg in his hands last weekend at Sinai Indaba with his signature humour and Scottish brogue and we’re excited to benefit from his wisdom and wit. Hear him at tonight’s sermon, Tomorrow’s shiur following the brocha (Why do very bad things happen to very good people?) and a musical mystical third meal tomorrow at 6pm.

Diarise March 27 for a fabulous pre-Pesach learning event. The feature presentation will be Lauren Gillis’s film, “Limits” about Donna’s amazing run of the NY Marathon. Inspirational and thought provoking! Click here to book or for more info.

As Pesach is around the corner, it’s time to sell your chometz! Please fill out the attached form and send back to the Shul.

Oh and if you’re still reading, join the Jewish community at the Century City Conference centre for Sinai Indaba VII. See you there, see you at Sinai!

Shabbat Shalom, chodesh tov and happy reading!
Rabbi Dovid Wineberg