My dear Watson, the mystery thickens…

Dear Friend,

What’s a choshuve (valued) simcha? Truly in our Shul, every simcha is choshuv & celebrated with equal gusto & gies. Each member and participant is special and we aim to communicate that through our services and Marais Road Shul’s remarkable energy.

However, it’s not every simcha where we can say that the ‘baal simcha’ (celebrant) is blessed in Shul every week!!

Mazel tov to Shul trustee Les Marcow on celebrating his second Bar Mitzvah (83rd birthday) this Shabbas! In celebrating this unique milestone, Les has brought together his family & Shul and has bravely undertaken to learn & recite the Haftorah this Shabbas. This is typical of an individual who has dedicated decades of service to our Shul, serving on the Management Committee for years, a number of them as President, and for the last 10 years or so, serving as a Trustee of the Shul.

It is referring to such dedication that we bless each Shabbas: “To all who serve the community faithfully, may Hashem repay their reward…”. Indeed, May HaShem bless you and the family with longevity, Yiddishe nachas & prosperity!

How does a Rabbi react when told his Shul will be closing down in 2 weeks- but don’t tell anyone about it? How do you advise a recovering anorexic if to fast on Yom Kippur, and what is the one thing a Rabbi can never get wrong?

All of these questions & much more were on the table as the South African Rabbanite gathered at the Vaal River with visiting Rabbi Shaul Robinson of the iconic Lincoln Square Synagogueof the Upper West Side, in Manhattan. Kudos to Mrs Ann Harris, Mickey Glass, Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft and the rest of the trustees of the Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris Foundation who conceived and funded this incredible training course. I know I’ll be implementing many of the lessons into my rabbinic practice & I look forward to sharing bits & pieces over Shabbos

Welcome to Marc Reiss, deputy managing director of international activities and private banking of Israel’s Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. Marc has returned to Cape Town with the Israel Aliyah Fare, & will be our special guest speaker at Seudah Shlishit this Shabbat.

It was uncomfortable for me to get a lawyers letter from Disney, without prejudice. You see I seem to have confused our upcoming Purim party (Dr. Doolittle) with another animal film (Zootopia). In the process, I seem to have fallen foul of some copyright infringements and Disney is steaming!

Regardless, Purim Doolittle will take place at Marais Road Shul and I hope young and old will join together to celebrate this joyous fun chag. March 9, 7:30pm!

History’s greatest hostage rescue operation, “Entebbe”, will come back to life this Thursday night with IDF Major Rami Sherman, who was Operations Commander under Yoni Netanyahu for “Operation Thunderbolt”. Bookings are flying off the shelf, so visit our website or call the shul office to confirm your space.

On Friday morning Feb 28, Vida e caffe & Daven e caffe are teaming up for a VIP Executive interaction with Major Rami Sherman. Hear how the famous Entebbe operation came together and the lessons you can adopt in your boardroom or businessVida e caffe’s famous truck will serve unlimited cappuccinos etc. Book your seat, or table today!

On Friday evening February 28, Cantor Joffe is hosting a ‘kumzitz’ of song and joy before Shul at 6:15pm. Focusing on our youth, all are welcome to join!

Condolences to Asher Grevlar and his brother David on the passing of their dad, Dr. Bernard Grevlar. Dr. Grevlar was a legendary physician in our community and he will be sorely missed.

I was sorry to learn of the recent passing of Barry Meyerson’s mother, Gertie Meyerson, in Australia. Our condolences to Barry and the whole family.

Condolences to Anthony Elias & Karyn Elias on the passing of their mom, Ruth Elias, after a brave fight with her illness. 

Condolences to Meryl Cohn on the passing of her beloved husband, Peter, and to her children, Russ & Sandra. We wish you all strength and comfort in this time.

And it’s back. March 6. Something’s afoot, Watson. Stay tuned!

Mazel Tov to Malcolm Rosen and his mother, Helen Rosen on the birth of a grandson & great-grandson. Much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Dorothy Bagraim on celebrating her grandson, Ilan’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Enjoy the nachas!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!