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Dear Friend,

Thursday morning started off with a baby-naming! Chava Eden was recently born in the U.K. but parents, Romy and Brett Rosehill, wanted to celebrate the occasion with Romy’s parents, Barbara and Leon Mandel. So they travelled all the way to Marias Road in Sea Point to name their child at yesterday’s Torah reading. Mazel tov and much nachas!

Book your place for Yeshiva night (where you get to study with a Yeshiva alumni one-on-one)- space is limited! Starts November 10. Also, keep your eyes open for Rabbi Hecht’s next series on Life, Love & Loss. 3 Thursdays, starts November 20. Email rabbihecht@maraisroadshul.com or call the Shul office to book.

It was awesome to bump into Levi Urinovsky, Shane Uria and so many of our youth at Herzlia’s Grade 11 encounter in Stellenbosch. These kids are pumped and proudly Jewish and it was a pleasure engaging them in debate and discussion.

Condolences to Gavin Cohen on the passing of his Mother, Fima Cohen. Gav’s mother left a special legacy, which I hope will provide him and the family some comfort in this difficult time.

On Shabbos, Dr. David Saperson informed me that his granddaughter in Canada had announced her engagement- and being the scatterbrain that I am (on Shabbos!) I promptly forgot to announce it from the pulpit. So to David and the whole mishpocho- mazel tov and lots of nachas from your wonderful tribe.

Condolences to Miranda Bloch on the passing of her mother, Ruth Bloch. (funeral is today at 2pm)

We are excited to join the Global dayof Jewish Learning on Sunday November 16 at 10am. This year it’ll be held at Arthur’s Rd. Shul and the theme is Heroes, Villains, Saints and Fools: The People in the Book. The curricula are prepared by our day’s greatest Talmudic scholar, Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz- Even Yisrael, and Rabbi Hecht is delivering one of these outstanding courses.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

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