New York, Israel & Cape Town

Dear Friend,

“Why New York?”

There I was, in the Big Apple, together with over 3500 other Rabbis who reside in over 100 countries across the globe, and this Israeli fellow was asking me a reasonable question.

Why indeed? Surely a gathering of Jewish leaders should take place in Israel?

But here’s another question: Why South Africa? How do I, born and raised in North America, end up in Cape Town? Or 160 transplanted families, in Argentina? Or the 465 rabbis who built Judaism from scratch, end up in the former Soviet Union?

The answer is one word: The Rebbe. His vision and drive to reach every Jew inspired a global movement serving the Jewish world, often at great personal cost & sacrifice. Almost 25 years after the Rebbe’s passing, I joined my colleagues to visit his resting place in New York and gather strength and inspiration to further our mission of lovingly touching every Jew with the light of Torah & Mitzvot.

Indeed, we were joined by over 650 rabbis from Israel, and the recently appointed head of Israel’s Jewish Agency, former leader of the opposition Yitzchak Herzog. Together we prayed for Israel’s welfare and reiterated the Rebbe’s stance of territorial integrity of the Holy Land.

Speaking of Jewish responsibility, Ethan Nowitz has officially joined the team! Ethan got his first Aliyah yesterday and will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas. Mazel TovEthan! Your excitement for this milestone & your delight in laying Tefillin and performing other Jewish responsibilities, has been a pleasure to watch. Mazel Tov to your parents Craig & Kirstin Nowitz and grandmother, Glenda Nowitz. Much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Martine Cohen & Greg Nafte on their forthcoming marriage! While Martine was born into our Shul, Greg has been a member ‘by choice’ and actively involved. Truly an in-house simcha! Mazel Tov to their parents, Morris & Michelle Cohen and Ronald & Ilana Nafte– lots of nachas from this power couple!

Essential Oils will be the focus of this pre Chanukah event. Rebbetzin Sara invites ladies to celebrate the miracle of the Oil! Make your own soaps, body scrubs & deodorants while discovering the benefits of essential oils. Thursday 15th Nov. 7.30-9pm. Marais Road Shul Hall. R100pp. Booking essential. Call Tracy 021 4397543 or book online

Our condolences to Tamar Hirschsohn on the loss of her mother & to Ronen Jackson on the loss of his grandmother,

Shirley Steiner. Shirley was a true matriarch to her family, with an energy that belied her age. May the family be granted comfort & strength.

Mazel Tov & Shkayach to Rabbi Hecht for completing the New York Marathon! He was joined by Carl May and Pinchas Hack and all had a great time. Mazel Tov also to Rabbi Hecht on the wedding of his sister, Esther Leah Hecht, Wednesday night in Joburg!

Over this Shabbas, I look forward to sharing my experiences from the global conference: Why did the Rebbetzin not sit Shiva? Why did a grandfather refuse to speak with his grandson? How can you help someone, without giving them any money? And who is the Israeli Consul to Grenada, West Indies?

Mazel Tov to Cantor Emeritus Philip & Doreen Badash on the birth of their great granddaughter in Israel and to the

Cantor on his special birthday! Asach nachas, in good health.

Mazel Tov to Natalie Sussman on her 90th Birthday and to Sally Shapiro on her 90th! May HaShem bless you both with good health and ‘lange lebn’.

Finally, I’m thrilled to wish Mazel Tov to those congregants who will be receiving Rebecca Sieff Awards for long-standing service to Wizo & Israel.

40 years: Ethne Abramowitz, Arina Bach & Gail Kirsch

50 years: Irene Gootkin

60 years: Ada Fuchs, Lily Kessler, Charlotte Schachat & Doreen Wingerin

A whopping 70 years: Ettie Buch, Rene Kleinman & Miriam Lichterman.


Wow, thank you, and Mazel Tov!!

Happy reading & Shabbat shalom!



Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Rd. Shul

Cape Town

021 439 7543