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Dear Friend, 
Mazel Tov to our special-birthday celebrants! To Megan Fuchs on her 30th Birthday, Gia Kramer on her 30th Birthday, Alon Sachs on his 50th Birthday & Larry Sack on his 50th Birthday, and to Fanny Greenblatt on her 95th Birthday! May you each be blessed with a great decade of good health, prosperity & nachas. 

Sadly we lost our longest serving member this week. Vic Cohen was bar mitzvah’d in Marais Rd in the 1940’s. His father was honarary life treasurer and a certificate bestowing this honour has hung in our Shul office for decades. He loved Shul and I remember how tall he stood when honoured by the Shul with the Neila Peticha just a few years ago. Condolences to his wife, Rosa and to his children, Mr. Education Geoff CohenJonathan Cohen & Lesley Nankin

It’s debatable whether our President Cyril Ramaphosa really said anything (although he hit some great emotional notes) in his latest address. What is indisputable is that the Shul event, “Lockdown or Locked up”? said alot!! With 500 screen views & many more eyeballs, the panel of Chief Rabbi Goldstein, and congregants Judge Dennis Davis & Mike Abel was a tour de force of wisdom, care and responsibility. As 1 congregant wrote, “We have an incredibly strong and resourceful congregation and broader CT community”. Big Shkay to Rabbi Pini Hecht for organizing the event! The recording of this event has now been watched multiple times and people are loving it. 

Click on this link for a recording of the session. 

Password: 1x+02%*9

Our Shul daily schedule continues in force with daily minyanim and multiple shiurim. Stay tuned for some special learning events coming up.  

Condolences to Kevin Kovarsky & Tanya Kovarsky on the loss of their mother, Lorna Kovarsky. Her last year spent in Cape Town was a blessing and what a blessing that she could be laid to rest right next to her beloved grandfather, Max.   

We need to salute the Chevra Kadisha under the leadership of Sam Galansky who are operating under extreme conditions and fulfilling their duties with great commitment. Truly, Kol hakavod. As much as we pray that Moshiach put you out of business very soon, we praise you for allowing great dignity to the deceased and their families. May HaShem repay you with much blessing.

Lag B’omer brought a great innovation of ‘Braai in a Bag’ as my wife, Rebbetzin Sara ran around (suitably masked) delivering Lag B’omer kits that she created to our community so they could celebrate this special day. Mazel Tov to the winners of the raffle and thank you to Ellis Henen at Sunset Pharmacy for sponsoring the prizes! 

The Shul Zervice welcomes Selwyn Shandel! Selwyn will now be our producer and engineer for the weekly pre-Shabbas event. Kudos & ty to Rabbi Hecht who has ably managed the technical side since before lockdown. Marais Rd Shul is now offering young adults pre Shabbas Sundowners, which Rabbi Hecht will be leading. Thanks Selwyn & welcome!

Please note that we are using a new link for the Zervice! Zervice will start at 4:45pm, see you there!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!!Rabbi Dovid Wineberg