Nothing stays the same. So where’s it headed?

Dear Friend,

History has come alive in all its turbulent reality. These three weeks of mourning lost Temples and our state of Exile bumped up against our current reality: Har habayit (Temple Mount) is not “beyadeinu”, in our hands.

It is, in fact, in the hands of murderers and butchers who will shatter family joy in the town of Halamish on Shabbat and try to wipe out a family in an orgy of hate.

But history is made up of a cycle of destruction and renewal. This week, another incident took place in Halamish. This one reminded me that ultimately Jewish history moves forward towards perfection and redemption. You see, that little boy, whose birth the Solomon family had gathered to celebrate, was brissed yesterday. What happened at that bris charts our way to renewal and redemption.

Please join me tonight in Shul. In the drosho I will, please G-d, unpack this powerful moment.

Mazel tov to Sadie Solomon who celebrated the birth of two great granddaughters this week!

Nothing stays the same. So it’s with heavy hearts but much pride that we bid farewell to Thelma Shapiro who is making Aliyah this coming week. Thankfully with modern technology I know she’ll stay in touch with her myriad of friends. We look forward to hearing all about your Aliyah journey, with much hatzlacha!

Condolences to Natacha Zetler on the sudden passing of her father, Bernard Zive. Bernard was an institution in Cape Town and will be sorely missed. Our hearts go out to the whole family and we wish them comfort and strength.

Tish’a Ba’v is the culmination of our annual mourning period. It is marked with a 24+ hour fast as it commemorates the destruction of both Temples in Yerushalayim. For fasting details and correct practices, see the attached schmooze.

On Monday night we will host an evening program that is engaging, interesting and educational. Join us for the service at 6pm, which will be followed by the screening of the award winning documentary ‘The Final Victory’. It’s a brilliant story of the survival of Felix Zandman and his subsequent rise to success and fortune.  Inventor. Billionaire. Survivor.

Keep your eyes out for the ‘Marais Road Shul Experience’. See what’s happening and get involved!


Shabbat shalom!