P.G. or…P.G.?

Mincha has moved! From this Friday July 20, Mincha starts at 5:45pm


Dear friend,


Can you remember life P.G.? (Pre Google)


P.G. You collected information. You recalled phone numbers & addresses. You read a book- and retained it.


For thousands of years, the faithful transmission of Torah relied on a P.G. era: carefully collecting vast repositories of information and generously sharing them with the ‘searches’ of the next generation. Verbally, orally. Teaching, memorizing, instructing.


And this weekend, we are honoured to host a scholar whose knowledge is so broad and encompassing that there doesn’t seem to be a question he can’t address. That’s why his students worldwide call him, “Rabbi Google”! (Rabbi Pini Hecht actually received his Smicha from this Rabbi Wineberg!)


A warm welcome to Rabbi Levy & Rebbetzin Sterna Wineberg of Johannesburg who are spending Shabbas & Tish’a B’Av with us. Rabbi Wineberg doesn’t only know lots of stuff, he’s also a warm & engaging teacher, so check the Shmooze and the attached program & be sure to attend some of his talks in the P.G. (POST Google) era!


Things in Israel have been heating up (and I’m not talking about the weather). In Marais Road Shul, we pray each day for Israel and we will be hosting a unique prayer service on Sunday.


Tefillin and Tehillim invites all men and boys to join the afternoon service on Tish’a b’av, when we lay Tefillin and join us for prayers and a break the fast, sponsored by David Gordon. Shkayach! Mincha will start on Sunday at 5:25pm and the fast ends 6:26pm.


Mazel tov to Estelle Pillemer on her 75th Birthday. Much good health and nachas!


Mazel tov to Arthur & Lauren Gillis on the engagement of their daughter, Alexis to Daniel Hirsch! Arthur and Lauren have had a wonderful string of smachot and we’re thrilled for them. Much nachas!


Condolences to Mark Fisher & Alicia Tucker on the loss of their father, Joe Fisher. Joe’s place in Shul was fixed; he was a joyful regular, and he will be sorely missed


Condolences to Hilda Wilck on the loss of her husband, and to David Wilck, Jody Yesner, Lauren Todes & Marissa Oxman on the loss of their father, Leon Wilck. David sat on our Shul’s management committee for many years and Leon would have much nachas sitting with David in Shul, while on his visits form Mossel Bay. We wish the family strength and comfort.


Join us for some hot Cholent and soul food (and drink!) on Shabbas Day! Rabbi L Wineberg will lead an inspiring Farbrengen 1:30-2:30pm. All welcome.


Saturday night is Tish’a B’av. Click here for more info on the meaning and observances of this important Jewish date. Click here for all the info about talks by our scholar in residence.  


Shabbat Shalom, may these days be transformed into happy and joyous ones!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg