Pesach…are you ready?

Dear Friend,

Ever watch a sprinter take a few steps back before leaping forward? It’s a law of physics that by pulling back you create the momentum to press forward.

This year Pesach my family will be spending it together with my parents and siblings overseas, in the first time in over a decade. We feel fortunate to have this opportunity & we know it will create important memories for our children.

After Pesach, I’ll be spending a few weeks in Jerusalem to recharge & reconnect with my Torah studies. While this means a prolonged physical absence (of course, the emotion and communication remains) from the community, I know that it’ll create a welcome momentum going forward.

Please feel welcome to stay in touch either through WhatsApp or email through the duration of my trip!

We are fortunate to have a depth of leadership with Rabbi & Rebbetzin Hecht & I know that our community is in outstanding hands. A big Shkayach to them for stepping up.

Speaking of Rabbi Hecht, happy birthday on your 40th! A capacity crowd filled the shul yesterday morning as 40 extra guys surprised the Rabbi with ‘40 Tefillin’ followed by a celebration breakfast.

And sharing a birthday with the Rabbi is Adi Kaimowitz, also celebrating his 40th! Adi is a daily regular, who together with Ally & Azriela are committed Marais Road Shul members.

To our joint birthday boys, may you be blessed by HaShem with a decade of outstanding success and growth. Our Sages call ‘40’ the age of ‘understanding’; a time when life’s wisdoms come together. May you continue to go “from strength to strength” in your personal & communal lives. Mazel Tov!

You know how they say, when it rains it pours? Well, Felicia Rubin has announced the engagement of not one, but both her sons! Last week Greg announced his engagement to Natalie Boas from Sydney, and this week, Seth proposed to Robynne Hurwitz- also in Oz! Is a double chuppah in the works? Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to Lester & Dinky Braun on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Shira Braun. Barry & the family came especially from Israel for the simcha & we wish the proud grandparents much continued nachas.

Mazel Tov to Tanya Breiter on the marriage of her son, Aidyn to Shifra Slasky, and to Stephen & Annette Fox on the marriage of their daughter, Kerri to Bill Benjamin in London. Much nachas!

Mazels to Thelma Gamsu on the birth of her granddaughter & to Ettie Buch on the Bar Mitzvah of her great grandson in Johannesburg!

This year’s Pre-Pesach learning program steps it up a notch as we view the inspirational film, ‘Limits’. Limits featured in this year’s CT film festival to wide acclaim. Additionally, you can choose a shiur slot to prepare yourself for the Chag. This Tuesday evening at Marais Road Shul- book today!

Condolences to Gary Vogelman on the passing of his mother, Zivia Vogelman, in Israel. Not even a year ago we all celebrated together at the Kotel for Ben’s Barmy & she organized the best surprise of the celebration. We wish Gary strength & comfort.

Pesach is a joyous but busy Chag. Check out this week’s Shmooze for lots of prep items- & remember to sell your chometz!

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!