Rabbi, why (not) me?

NB. Mincha tonight (only) starts at 6:35pm

 Dear Friend,

 If you had to physically defend yourself, who would you want in your corner- the brute or the optimist?

 Most would answer, ‘the brute’, but truth is physical strength takes you only so far; stamina & energy take you even further.

 Having your Bar Mitzvah is getting into the ring of life: a dust up with our base instincts; a boxing match between the yetzer Tov (good & G-dly inclination) & the yetzer hara (bad inclination).

 And Daniel Bieber is SO ready! Daniel’s excitement to get his Tefillin & to wear them was so palpable. The energy with which he made the brachot on the Torah as he received his first Aliyah, on Thursday, was simply refreshing. And a great sign of things to come. Knock ‘em out Daniel!

 Mazel Tov to Gary & Heidi Bieber on their son, Daniel’s Barmy! Gary’s commitment is legendary and he’s led & driven our monthly shiur group (“the Beliebers”) for about 5 years. Mazel Tov to Daniel’s grandparents, Raymond & Hazel Lobel and Nadine Burns & great grandmother Avril Kayser, who has recently moved to Cape Town. Much nachas to you all!

 And if that’s not enough, a golden Mazel Tov to Raymond & Hazel Lobel on their 50th Wedding Anniversary this Shabbas!

 Mazel tov to Hillel Chemel & Josie Low on their forthcoming wedding, on Sunday! Hillel and Josie are part of the Marais Rd Mishpocha and we are thrilled for them as they start their life together. While most couples spend time preparing decor and flowers, monograms and other frills, this couple has truly invested spiritually in their wedding and their future. Mazel tov!

 Mazel tov to their parents, Charles & Dianne Chemel & Graeme & Anne Low. Much nachas!

 Mazel tov to Stephen & Diane Bendix on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Micaela to Daniel Tadmore. Enjoy the nachas!

 Mazel tov to Brian Kirsch on his 70th Birthday. With Brian’s energy, he is truly 70 years ‘young’ biz 120!

 Mazel tov to Morris & Irene Gootkin who are celebrating their grandson Sam Gootkin’s Bar Mitzvah in Gardens Shul.

 Mazel tov to Tanya Breiter on the birth of her grandson and to Charlotte Schachat on the birth of her great grandson!

 Condolences to Geoff Chait on the sudden passing of his brother, Bertie Chait.

 And a PS. If you’re wondering, “how do I get a shiur with the Rabbi”? The answer is very simple: just ask! I love teaching Torah and would be thrilled to join you in your home with a few friends to talk Torah and life. So, if Torah and Judaism is at the top of your New Year’s resolutions then just be in touch and we’ll make it happen.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg