Rabbi’s letter: Drive safe

Mazel Tov to Matthew Grevler on his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos! Matthew actually turns 13 (Jewish date) on Shabbas so he truly becomes a Bar Mitzvah (responsible for the Mitzvos) tonight.

Mazels to his parents, Asher & Lauren Grevler and grandparents, Perez & Wendy Bloom and Dr. Bernard & Ruth Grevler. Much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Kevin & Tamara Isaacman on Alon’s Engagement to Gabi de Koker. Enjoy this special time & enjoy the nachas!

Professional Beit Midrash has been offering structured Torah learning in CT for many years, under the incredible direction of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Brett. Our Shul is proud to be hosting the Women’s program, and I’m pleased to be offering a course in the next semester. Please see Shmooze for info. Hope to see you there!

As it’s before the funeral, one does not yet wish condolences, but we are deeply saddened by the passing of Anita Shenker and our hearts go out to her husband Maurice & daughter Nadine. Anita was well known to the community through her decades of service at the Jewish Chronicle & she will be greatly missed.

Are you in Johannesburg July 27 & 28? Don’t miss the Zionist Fed Conference! The line-up is truly superb including Isaac Herzog (Chairman of the Jewish Agency), Daniel Limor (former senior member of the Mossad), Gal Lunsky (humanitarian activist in Syria) and Gusti Braverman (senior executive of the World Zionist Org) and of course HE Lior Keinan (Israel’s Ambassador to SA). We have a superb ZF Cape Council and I’m sure they’d appreciate your support as well. Click here to book https://sazionfed.co.za/upcoming-events/

Mazel Tov to Alec Cohen on his 90th Birthday! Alec is a committed regular in Shul & my Friday night is never complete without a good Shabbas handshake from Alec & his crew. May you have many happy healthy years & together with Thelma, may you enjoy much nachas.

To all those driving back from holidays, pls keep it safe on the roads and travel well. Welcome home!

Shabbat shalom & Happy reading!