Shul is virtually open!

Last week’s Zervice combined a tribute to Rabbi Maizels OBM as well as a celebration of Josh Garvin’s Bar Mitzvah- truly a wide range of emotion! Incredibly, over 350 people joined and the feedback shows how technology is allowing us to truly connect. 

So, join us this evening! Zervice will be at 6PM, click here to join password Maraisroad. 

Shiurim have resumed this week and I was really excited that we could resume our Thursday lunch shiur (minus lunch!). Please note my shiurim schedule and join some learning & connecting! 

My Tanya class on Monday 8-9PM restarted this week and will run through March 15. To register, click here.

Last week’s shiur was dedicated to honour the late Eric Samson OBM, during his Shiva. You could hear a recording here.

Passcode: Yakq3f&m

Rabbi Hecht is running a 3-week series titled, “The Moral Dillemma”, starting this Tuesday, 8:15PM. HTTPS://

My Parsha shiur cannot be on Shabbas so we’ve restarted it on Wednesday, 8am. If you’re one of those post-brocha regulars at the shiur, then this is def for you! password Maraisroad. 

Thursday’s “lunch” shiur 1PM password Maraisroad. 

Mazel Tov to Avin Lieberman on his Birthday, to Raoul & Eleanor Miller on their 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary, and to Gary & Layla Saven on their 10th Wedding Anniversary! Much joy and nachas. 

Cantor Joffe will be hosting his monthly Havdalah service tomorrow 9PM. Zoom ID 89149918166 password HAVDALAH 

Condolences to Jennifer Miller on the passing of her husband and to Richard & Leigh on the loss of their father, Errol Miller

Condolences to chorister Mompie Saven on the passing of his wife; to chorister Gary Saven, Glenda Novis & Lynne Cohen on the loss of their mother & to Allan Kruyer on the loss of his sister, Sandra Saven. 

May HaShem comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion & Jerusalem. 

We are honoured to join worldwide organizations in dividing the entire written & oral Torah to be studied within the year in memory of the late Eric Samson obm. Click here to choose a section- an English link will be sent to you for your study.

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!