Sneak Peak

Dear Friends,


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside this week’s Shmooze:


It’s been a rough couple of weeks as our community has lost some precious members.


Saturday night is Yom Yerushalayim, 52 years since Jerusalem was liberated and united. See the Shmooze for a great event tomorrow afternoon.


Shavuot dinner plans underway! Make sure to book your seats for this great event.


We also has some smachot! Check the shmooze to find out who is celebrating 50 years of marriage. Mazel tov!


What couldn’t get into this week’s Shmooze, as it was too late for printing, is last night’s AGM and election of Shul office bearers. Thanks to Lynton Cassel and Ian “Kappie” Kaplan for joining the Shul Committee and a warm mazel tov to David Gordon and Jonathan Gershuny on election as President and Vice President of the Committee.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg