Daily Learning: Mon – Thurs 5.30pm

Talmud 101: Renowned for its inimitable style the Talmud has captivated both scholars and laymen for centuries. Join this class to experience its unique learning approach.

Shabbat Day: 12.00pm

Engaged Jewish Learning – Rabbi Wineberg’s signature shiur! This popular series probes the depths of contemporary Torah thought, focusing on issues surrounding spirituality, the human psyche &  love.

Breakfast Shiur: Wed Davening 7am

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get into your day with breafast and a 20 minute Parsha insight and discussion with Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Shiur Lunch: Thursday 1pm

Ask the Rabbi. Ever wanted to ask but didn’t know how? Rabbi Wineberg loves questions! Whether you want to ask or just listen, there’s a reason this shiur is the highlight of the week for many.

Men’s Yeshiva Night: Tue 8pm

The Rabbis will pair you with a Yeshiva study partner for ‘one on one’ learning and introduce you to the exciting world of Yeshiva learning, seeking modern solutions from our ancient text. Click here to register

Discussion Group: Wed 8pm

The group encourages active participation & questions. Topics range from Science, Torah, to the Parsha of the Week. The convenor is Dr. Michael Renan.

Daven e: Last Friday of the month at 7am

Davening, laying Tefillin, breakfast, cappucino & inspirational talks. What a great day to end the month! Click here to keep in touch