Tears on Simchas Torah?

Dear Friend,

Amazing how we could move from the tears of Yizkor to the tears of Simchas Torah. What are those tears? Well, as the kids piled on to the Bima for their Aliyah, I’ll admit I shed a tear at the beautiful sight of these innocent sincere children claiming their heritage so joyfully. And when our Chatan Torah, Selwyn Chatz started tearing up, that was it for me…By the time we got to joyfully dance with Chatan Bereishit, Abe Sank, there was no holding back!

King Solomon sees the Torah as the bride of the Jewish people, and we are thrilled to wish our bride and groom, Seth Rubin and Robynne Hurwitz mazel tov on their forthcoming wedding this week! Mazels to their parents, Felicia Rubin and Denis & Yvonne Hurwitz. We all miss Seth’s dad, Spike Rubin, who was such a joyful presence in shul. There go a few more (Joyful!) tears…

NB. With the conclusion of Yom Tov, our Shul schedule goes through a small change: Shabbat morning services now begin at 8:30am.

Our condolences to Zila Assenbaum and her children, Genene Burstain, Tanya Horry and Greg on the passing of their husband and father, John Assenbaum. May Hashem continue to give you strength and comfort as we remember this unique mensch.

Where are YOU for the Shabbos Project? Well, actually, no one knows! Shabbos Project is on the Shabbas of the 26 and 27 October. The Sea Point community will be coming together for the “secret picnic”. A full Shabbas day lunch experience in a secret location! Stay tuned for details…

Mazel tov to Neville Cohen on his 70th birthday! Neville is truly a part of the family in Marais Rd as he attends Shacharit services every day of the week and is a joy to see. May Hashem bless you with many decades of good health and continued nachas. Mazel tov to Selwyn Fabian on his 75th birthday! How typical of Selwyn that instead of us giving him a present, he gave the Shul one for his birthday. Shkayach Selwyn for managing the entire mechitzah refurbishment project in the big Shul. It looks magnificent and the ladies had such good use of it, especially over the High Holy Days. May Hashem bless you with decades of good health and huge nachas from your fab family.

Condolences to Maon Anstey and his kids on the passing of their wife and mother, Maureen Anstey. While the funeral is after Shabbos, I just want to take the opportunity to wish them well, with strength and comfort.

This Shabbas is known as Shabbat Bereisheet for the renewed cycle of the Torah reading. I wish our entire community a renewed year of joy and growth.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg