Temple Mount on fire

Dear Friend,

You know things are heating up at Judaism’s holiest site when…

You get a WhatsApp video-call from Josh Feldman’s Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel. Can you imagine the feeling of dancing with Jews at the Kotel- from your living room? Mazel to Steven and Sherise Feldman on celebrating Josh’s Barmy! Giving you guys a brocho through WhatsApp video technology was a true honour. Seeing your emotional and proud faces at that blessed moment will stay with me for a long time. Mazel tov!

If I thought that was it for the week of Kotel Barmy’s, I was mistaken. Out of the blue, Ethan Miller sends me a pic of his celebration with his Dad and family at the Kotel. mazel tov Ethan!

3 community Barmy’s at the Kotel in three weeks…Not only is the Temple Mount ‘on fire’, so are our congregant’s hearts and souls! Let’s keep the Jewish pride and inspiration going…

What better time, than the “Three Weeks” when we mourn the destruction of both our Temples (490 years apart)? Next Monday night and Tuesday is Tish’a B’av, anniversary of this destruction and the onset of our current exile. Click here for more info on how to observe this properly.

On Monday night July 31, we’ll be screening the award-winning documentary “The Final Victory” on the life of Dr. Felix Zandman. One of the most thrilling tales of Holocaust survival (there’s a monument to the family in Yad Vashem) and revival. After the film, I’ll lead a discussion on the ethics of survival. All welcome.

Condolences to Sue Lazarus on the passing of her mother, Pearl Wulfsohn. May Hashem grant you comfort in this time.

Rabbi Hecht’s JLI course of ‘Why’ is back! This 4-week course starts August 2. Limited space so book today at the shul. You could also visit our website to book www.maraisroadshul.com

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!