Thanks for the Memories

Dear Friend,

I have so many treasured moments from this year’s Shavuot. Musical chairs, the crowds at midnight, Herzlia learners, busy Shul services, Rabbi Spiro, Rabbi Spiro and Rabbi Spiro! I hope that you too have some Shavuot memories as this one was for the history books. Often, Shavuot feels like an orphan Yom Tov. Not this year, not at Marais Road Shul.

So, thank you to all of you for helping create the best memories, ever! And a warm thanks to our scholar-in-residence Rabbi Ken Spiro, who truly illuminated our yom tov experience at every level. Missed him? Visit his website!

Mazel tov to Ettie Buch on the birth of a great-grandson! Thank G-d for His miracles. ETA, may you only have cause to celebrate, and in good health.

David King turns 40! Mazel tov to a community minded individual, who’s always there when called. May you have a wonderful decade ahead, filled with the fulfilment of your hopes and dreams.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!