The day I lost a debate (thank G-d!)

Dear Friend,


About 15 years ago I was invited by SABC to participate on a debating TV program on the subject of morality. The position I was asked to defend was that “Jacob Zuma was the right person to lead the moral regeneration project” (which he was in fact heading at that time).  Don’t laugh! I knew it was the wrong position but that is the nature of debate, to argue your side as best you can. Needless to say my partner and I lost the debate hands-down!


With hindsight it was certainly not my finest moment. Thank G-d our country has had the debate and the right side has won, although there is much work to be done in healing and fixing South Africa.


So, when I was asked to offer a prayer at the opening of the National Council of Provinces, I jumped at the chance to speak for the right side of history; to acknowledge the damage done, the challenges that face South Africa’s legislators- and to offer a blessing on behalf of the Jews of our country to encourage them along the right path.


It was a great honour to participate in the opening of the NCOP and I look forward to sharing my impressions and experiences in Shul, over Shabbas. Click here to watch my prayer at yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony. May Hashem bless South Africa!


Lag B’omer was a huge hit at the Green Point Cricket Club, where hundreds participated in the simcha of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai!


This year we’re going THAI @ SINAI! For this year’s Gala Shavuot Dinner, in addition to great food, Dean Murinik will share his family’s experience surviving the terrible 2004 Tsunami. Dean recently did a TV program on this and you can see the show’s trailer here.


Saturday night June 8, 7:30pm. To book your and your family’s seats visit or call the Shul office today!


daven e caffé this Friday 31 May. Davening @7am, followed by breakfast and life message by yours truly.


Birthday blessings & chocolates Friday night 31 May. All children celebrating their birthday during April & May PLEASE let us know. Email: or call 021 4397543 to make your child’s birthday extra special


It’s been a rough week in our community. And rougher still for two young families.


Condolences to Rita Effune and to Sean Effune &Talya Ressel on the loss of their husband and father, Raymond Effune. Raymond was a Shul Jew through and through and a very beloved member. His loss is a blow to his family and to us as a community.


Condolences to Nikki Kagan and to Rabbi Eitan, Jenna, Cara & Mikaela on the loss of their husband and father, Selwyn Kagan. Condolences also to Raymond, David and Jeffrey on the loss of their brother. Selwyn was literally loved by all and will be sorely missed.


May Hashem grant both families comfort and strength.


Yom Yerushalem Pancake Breakfast with the Yeshiva of Cape Town Sunday 2 June 8am

Davening followed by pancakes and coffee. Everyone welcome!


Mazal Tov to Ida Surovsky on the birth of her great granddaughter & on her 85th birthday. Lots of nachas- in good health!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg