The one ingredient

Dear Friend,


Mazel Tov to Stan Ziman on celebrating his 70th birthday this Shabbas! Stan is a committed member of the daily services and also coordinates our Seuda on Shabbas afternoons. Thanks Stan for all you do for our community, may Hashem repay you manifold in good health & nachas!

What’s the benefit of having frum children? Tons of grandchildren, kenehora! Mazeltov to Hannah Soffer on the birth of a great-grandson in Johannesburg.

Mazel Tov to Dr. Hymie Ehrlich who is celebrating the birth of another great-grandson in Eretz Yisrael. Zol zain mit glick un nachas!

Mazels to my brother and sister-in-law Rabbi Zev & Rivka Wineberg on the birth of a baby boy! Much Yiddishe and chassidishe nachas.

I’m so pleased to see that a special tribute is being held to honour the life of Cantor Abraham Immerman. Known as the ‘blind cantor’, Chazan Immerman is a legend in Cape Town. Please see the attached notice & diarize the event.

While I don’t usually comment on the Shmooze contents (which I select & edit each week), I have to tell you that this week’s page 1 article by Rabbi Stephen Baars had a huge impact on me. Every single one of us should recognize that we’re leaders. All it needs is one ingredient: caring enough.


Happy reading & Shabbat shalom!