The Rosh Hashanah Un-appeal

Dear Friend,


Can you imagine hosting the family for Rosh Hashanah- but not having the means to buy the basics? Or wishing to join the Shul dinner, but unable to afford the very reasonable cost?


If you can imagine it, then perhaps you’re going through such a time, or know someone who is. My annual Rosh Hashanah appeal to you is to PLEASE let me know so that the Discretionary Fund could make a difference in their- or your- lives. Call me or email me on


The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund is honoured to welcome Hilton Saven as our new Trustee, ensuring the transparency of the Fund- thank you! We thank Robert Feinblum for his years of service and look forward to the fund operating with continued integrity and confidentiality.


For those wishing to contribute, please note that the account is separate to the Shul account. EFT’s should be made to Rabbi Discretionary Fund Bidvest Savings account 4119444001 Reference: your name. (Investec account holders should add two zeroes before account number). NB. Cheques should be made out to ‘David Wineberg’.


Thank you and may you be blessed with a ktiva vachatima tova- a new sweet year!


While most of us are ending the (Jewish) year, Judd Jocum is just beginning his as he starts a new year- and a new chapter- as a Bar Mitzvah! Judd blew us all away yesterday as he ‘lained’ the Torah for the first and last aliyot,- and then lead the second half of the Shul service! There was a lot of emotion as Judd was reading a unique Torah, called ‘Dan’s Torah’, named in memory of Judd’s beloved cousin, Daniel Copans. Thanks to Rabbi Eitan Ash who brought the Torah from Johannesburg. And a warm welcome!


Mazel tov to his parents, Bradley and Shelley Jocum, to his grandparents Leonard and Dianne Jocum and Baila Copans. And Mazels to the many family and friends who are converging on Marais Road Shul and Cape Town to celebrate this wonderful simcha. Much nachas!


But why settle for one simcha- when we can have two? Mazel tov to Esti Hecht who celebrates her Bat Mitzvah this Shabbas!


I’m looking forward to Esti’s Dvar Torah in Shul tomorrow. While Esti is one of the quieter kids in Shul, she is not shy, rather modestly self contained and I’m excited to hear her take on this coming of age moment.


Mazel tov to her parents, our very own Rabbi Pini and Chani Hecht! Mazel tov and welcome to grandparents Rabbi Yossi and Raizy Hecht, and mazel tov to grandparents Itche and Faigy Minkowicz who unfortunately can’t make it but whose presence will be deeply felt. Much yiddishe, chassidishe nachas!


Speaking of milestones, mazel tov to Harry Myers who celebrates his 100th birthday this coming week. Only blessing, good health and much nachas, Harry!


Mazel tov to honorary life member Ella Blumenthal on the birth of a great-grandson in Melbourne. Much nachas fun zei alleh!


Yeshiva Night resumes this week featuring our new Bachurim. Friends, these guys are great! Come get to know them and learn some Torah as well! for info and to book your chavruta (study partner).


The Shul’s annual Rosh Hashanah Dinner is now open for bookings. I’ve noticed how reasonable the charges are and I hope it will help people feel comfortable to book your seat. If you know someone who can’t afford the cost, please let me know and the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will help ensure that we don’t leave anyone alone.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg