The start-up nation is coming!

Dear Friend ,


Israel has been famously called, “the startup nation” as it leads so many global technological revolutions. But its leadership ability has come from turning her greatest weakness into the greatest asset.


Every Israeli teenager gets plucked out of normal life for 2-3 years, but when they re-emerge they are leaders, willing to take risks & influence change.


And now you have a unique chance to meet Dr. Simcha Leibovich who trained these IDF officers in ‘leadership’ & then went on to train Israel’s security services & the Police Force. Today Dr. Simcha heads up the World Leadership Centre on Mount Herzl, sharing his message with the whole world.


And on Shavuot he’ll be sharing it with us! ‘From the battlefield to the boardroom’ is Israel’s dramatic lessons in transformational leadership helping you to be a more effective parent, spouse, friend, boss and co-worker. Book for the Shavuot dinner today and join us for (part of) our all-night learning program. May 19. To book, click here or call the Shul office.


Lag B’omer honours Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, the 2nd century teacher of the Zohar. And Marais Rd Shul led the way in Cape Town! Kudos to Kerry and a great team from other Shuls who put together a smashing communal party. We’re honoured go have partnered with all of Sea Point Shuls as well as Gardens Shul in making lag b’omer truly memorable. 


Mazal Tov to Maurice Weber on the occasion of his 70th birthday! Maurice will be doing the Haftorah in the Shtibel minyan (which runs at Marais Rd Shul, once a month) and we wish him every success, blessing & good health on this special milestone.


Mazel tov to Melanie and Maurice on Jaime Uranovsky’s 24th birthday and on Levi Uranovsky’s achievement of being awarded the UCT Class Medal for I.T. Much nachas!


I was devastated to hear of the untimely passing of Eliakim Cohen, husband to Zmira Cohen, and father of Moshe Cohen & Dalya Erster. May Hashem give the family strength & comfort.


Baruch HaShem, I arrived back to SA and am so eager to spend Shabbas with you! Tonight we welcome Herzlia Weizmann’s Grade 1 teachers, learners & principal Mr. Krupenia for a grade dinner!


Tomorrow I’ll share a bit about my stay in Israel in a shiur titled, “Israel report: 3 lessons in faith- self, other & G-d” join me at 12pm in the big Shul!


Rebbetzin Sara’s Pirkei Avot (ethics) Shiur continues this Saturday at 5pm in the Shul Hall.


Diarize Shavuot and be sure to join us!