This week be like Jesse

Dear Friend,

Jesse Katz wants the Bokke to win so badly, he’s coming on Shabbos morning to pray in Shul- and bringing 50 of his closest friends as well!

Mazel tov to Jesse on his Bar Mitzvah! I am so proud of Jesse and his mates, who are choosing their priorities of Yiddishkeit and friendship over the much more attractive option of green and gold.

As much as we’d all like to watch the Bokke Brexit the brains out of the Brits, Hashem reminds us there’s a more valuable pursuit and it’s called Shabbos.

So, this Shabbas, be like Jesse and head to Shul!

Mazel tov Bernard and Mirelle Katz on their son Jesse’s Barmy, and to Kareen Katz, Fay Levinson & Kelvin Miller on their grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Much nachas!

Mazel tov to our Cantor Emeritus Philip Badash on celebrating his 94th birthday. Kenehora, biz a hundred un tzvantzig gezunterheit!

Mazel tov to Raymond & Hazel Edison on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Eden Davis in London. Only simchas!

SA’s annual Mitzvah day is on 17th of November and Marais Rd Shul is teaming up with Jedi Tedi, Mensch, ORT, Jaime’s book club, Livcurious, do a Mitzvah! If you wish to be a part of it just email or you can just show up! We will be revamping NPO PINNOCHIO CRECHE’s play area from 9:30am until about 1. Events will include Painting, picnicking, building and sewing. 50 Main Road Green Point. Please bring with sand for their sandpit (available from Mambos or Laughtons). Remember: Love is power!

Condolences to Arnold Urson and his Mother, Bernice Urson on the passing of their father and husband, Abram Urson. May Hashem grant you strength and comfort.

Condolences to Hazel Lobel on the passing of her brother Brian Shrock. May you and the family be granted comfort.

Condolences to Maureine Leibov on the loss of her husband and Charlene Shapiro on the loss of her brother, Norman Leibov. It’s been a rough ride for this family and for Norman. May Hashem grant them peace and comfort.

Condolences to Hannah Soffer on the passing of her son, Selwyn Soffer. May Hashem grant you and the family strength in this difficult time.

A warm welcome to the graduating class of 2019! Herzlia Weizmann’s Grade 6 join us with the teachers, principal Mr. Krupenia, parents and family to celebrate their upcoming primary school graduation! After 6 years of learning, these young men and women will be leading the entire dinner and narrating each step of the Shabbos meal. I’m very proud of these guys and look forward to their continued growth. Mazel tov!!

And now, Gentlemen please put on your Yarmulka as we recite a prayer (Thank you RJ for sharing with me!)

Prayer for the Boks – by Rabbi Yossi Goldman of Sydenham Highlands North Shul

Mi Shebeirach Avoseinu… May He who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless Rassie Erasmus and all his heroic men and the entire holy congregation of Springboks in their noble endeavours in the World Cup in Japan.

May Captain Siya Kolisi lead his noble team to victory. Cheslin Kolbe score multiple tries. Handre Pollard kick penalties and conversions galore, and may our substitutes make an impact. the Beeeeeast batter the Brits and may Faf de Klerk irritate the Vunipolas till they vanish.

May the Boks’ cup runneth over with successful lineouts and scrums, powerful offense and determined defense. We beseech You, O’ G-d to spare them any injury, distress or affliction and grant them Your abundant support so they may go on to global glory.

May Hashem put the fear of Heaven into the English. May they get tzutumult and know from tzorres. May Eddie Jones be frustrated. May Owen Farrell get farblongedt in di finster choishech and may Gorge Ford’s foot flounder. Please G-d, Sam Underhill will underperform, and Johnny May will go meshugga.

May our precious Springboks leap into the air with strength and speed and may all their efforts be crowned with success and triumph. Grant them Brocha and Hatzlocha so they may bring the trophy home speedily in our day.

And let us all say…Amen!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading- Go Bokke!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg