Dear Friend,


If you’re like me and have been gripped by the unfolding political drama in our country, then I hope I speak for you when I say, “thank you”!


Ty to HaShem for engineering another SA miracle. Ty to civil society– prominently including our Chief Rabbi– who stood up to the ills of manifest corruption and state capture. Ty to the voters of SA who put the corrupters on notice. And Ty Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa!


  1. President, may HaShem bless you that your leadership flourish like “a tree planted by flowing waters”. May you stand up for all South Africans, and may your leadership stand for honesty & integrity. Mazel Tov!


The whole essence of Purim is unexpected political turnabout. So come celebrate Purim in style at the Marais Rd Shul circus! Wednesday February 28. Click here to book for you & your family.


I noticed that this year, the Sinai Indaba will take place at the Century City Conference Centre. A new venue for a whole new line up of speakers! What are you waiting for? Book today, www.sinai-indaba.co.za


Mazel Tov to Zoe Rubenstein on her Bat Mitzvah! Zoe is an active member of the Bat Mitzvah Club and has been preparing for her Batty for quite some time. She even managed to prepare her Dvar Torah together with her late beloved grandmother, Wendy Schaffer, who will be there in spirit. Mazel Tov to Bruce & Leora Rubenstein on your special simcha and nachas! Mazels to grandparents Gerald & Roslyn Rubenstein and Franki Rubenstein. Welcome and enjoy the nachas!


Mazel Tov to Shani Sayag & Darren Phillips who are getting married this week! This semigrated couple have truly found their home in our Cape Town community and we are thrilled for their simcha and the roots which they’re planting in Sea Point. Mazel Tov!


Mazel Tov to Hymie Waldman on his 80th birthday! Hymie is a daily Shul attendee, who together with Shirley, brings a warmth and stability to our Shul. May your ninth decade be even more successful and joyful and may you enjoy it in good health and nachas.


Kenny Penkin & Hannah Abramsohn both celebrated the birth of (the same) great grandson, as they are proud ‘machies’. Kenny too has become quite the cheerful regular to shul, Mazel Tov!


Welcome to master storyteller, Rabbi Alex Carlebach of Johannesburg! He will be our guest for the Seuda on Saturday. Mincha starts at 6:50pm. All welcome!


A warm welcome to the Herzlia class of 1968! We’re excited that they’re visiting our Shul for Shabbos and we welcome Cantor Joel Lichterman who will be conducting the Friday night service in celebration of this wonderful occasion.


Ladies Tehillim Circle will take place this Shabbas, led by Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg. 6.00pm shiur, 6:30 Tehillim- in the Shul Hall. Shiur topic: “The Mysterious Lineage of Mashiach”.


And for the important item, please help Aaron? I was approached by some concerned community members about the plight of Aaron Lipschitz. He’s a 3 years old and has never eaten food in his life. Aaron suffers from a condition- the only person in SA to have this disorder. This adorable 3 year old needs our help and with the support of some generous donors, the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will match every donation up to 150,000 Rands. That’s right, every donation will be doubled! The catch is you need to donate by this Monday at 8pm. Please click here to donate your bit.Please mention “Match” in your message. Aaron thanks you!


Shabbat shalom & happy reading!


Did you give Aaron already? You can do it here.


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