Dear Friend,
Wow! What a week. On Sunday, Cape Town & Jerusalem were united in an explosion of simcha as our daughter Esther announced her engagement to Yossi Shemtov of Jerusalem.
15 minutes & 600+ messages later, it dawned on me how powerful joy can be & how it transcends the boundaries of time & space. 
Although we are currently in Yerushalayim, we feel the love and connection to our beloved friends and community in Cape Town, Johannesburg & beyond. We are looking forward to continuing our celebration  in our other home town of Cape Town.
TYCT! (thank you Cape Town!)

Mazel Tov to Josh & Tanya Horry on the birth of their daughter & to Steven & Lori Mauerberger on the birth of their daughter! 
Both dads were in Shul yesterday morning and named their princesses with Rabbi Hecht & an Aliyah to the Torah. Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!
Mazels to grandparents Zila Assenbaum, Lessa Gordon and Jonathan & Bonita Shifrin on the birth of their granddaughters and Anita Shifrin on the birth of her great granddaughter! 
Mazel Tov to Errol & Stella Kope on the engagement of their daughter, Megan to Justin Zahr. Much nachas!!
Mazel Tov to Garth & Sharon Kahn on their 30th wedding anniversary, to Mervyn Nick on his 80th Birthday, to Mervyn Rosenstein on his 80th Birthday. Many happy, healthy, nachas filled years!
Due to scheduling conflict, daven e caffé will be next Friday 5 April. Come have a Lchaim with Rabbi Wineberg! Davening @7am, followed by breakfast and vort. 

Condolences to Howard & Anthony Solomon on the loss of their mother, Sadie Solomon; to Martin Goodman & Debbie on the loss of their mother, and Lorraine Rodgers on the loss of her sister, Adele Goodman; and to Darryl Papernick, Alisa Zackon & Shelly Albert on the loss of their mother, Sonia Papernick. 

May Hashem comfort you & give you strength.



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Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!