Unexpected Winners

Dear Friend,

We humans are hard wired to like the underdog; to revel in the victory of the unexpected. Why else would Nike throw more money than ever at an athlete no one ever heard of till this week, called Wayde van Niekerk? Simply put, we are suckers for a good rags to riches tale and our gold medalist is it this week.

And last week, it was us. As in the Jewish people. The Tish’a B’av fast recalls our unlikely story. Left for dead-last by history…well, here we are! On Saturday night, after intro’s by Rabbi Hecht, Alex and Lance Fanaroff and Gita and Johnny Osrin, along with Mia Osrin and Jade Briner, held us spellbound as they shared their experience of March of the Living 2016. I kept looking over at Miriam Lichterman who sat humbly in the crowd as her hell was revisited before her eyes.

At the end of the evening, I announced Marais Road Shul’s intention to organise a delegation to March of the Living 2017. Five people signed up on the spot! If you are interested in participating, or want more information, please email me directly.

Our CT community certainly celebrated life this week as Gardens Shul hosted their 175th anniversary, while celebrating the tenth year of their Rabbi Oshy and Sara Feldman. It was a beautiful and inspiring evening and told the story of the birth of the Jewish community in South Africa. Mazel tov and here’s to the next 175 years!

Mazel tov to Nathan Wells on his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas! Congrats to parents Craig and Jessica Wells, grandparents Errol and Stella Kope, Lola Wells and Great granny Dorothy Rom. People have come from far and wide to celebrate with this special milestone and we look forward to an exciting shabbas ahead. Mazel tov!

Mazels to Brett and Fran Rubin on Jade’s Bat Mitzvah! Hearty mazel tov to grandparents Max Rubin, Carol and Peter Levy, and Ellen Bass. Much deserved nachas! Will Brett end up at the Rabbi again for lunch (with no idea how he got there)? Stay tuned…

On Monday Night we’ll be examining Catholic Jewish relations in a fascinating conversation between Rabbi David Rosen and Bishop Rose. It starts at 7:30pm at Marais Rd. Shul and is co-hosted by the Cape Jewish Board of Deputies.

Speaking of the BOD, the Cape SAJBD conference is coming up. It’ll include a no-holds barred exploration of the political, economic and civil state of affairs in SA. So far we have put the spotlight on the past and present; this conference will look to the future. Keynote speaker Rabbi David Rosen and panel discussion with top local speakers. 28th August. 0214646724

Internationally sought after speaker and personality Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz will be our guest next Shabbas. On Friday night he’ll be the featured speaker at a young adults (25’s) Dinner. Email rabbihecht@maraisroadshul.com to book!

On Shabbas day Rabbi Tatz will deliver the Shiur after the brocha in the main Shul.

Rabbi Tatz regularly speaks to standing room only crowds all over the world. So diarise today and don’t miss this opportunity!

Next Friday night, we’ll be honoured to host Rabbi David Rosen who will deliver the Sermon. Talk about an action- packed Shabbas!

Condolences to Erica and Belle on the passing of their mother, Lily Leon; to Ronnie and Selwyn Gershman on the passing of their mother Ada Gershman and to Terri Lessem on the passing of her husband Mark. May Hashem comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Mazel tov to Adam and Stacy Closenberg on the birth of a son! Mazels to grandpa Jeff and to the whole family. Much nachas from the little champ!

Honorary life member Ella Blumenthal’s Hebrew name is Nechama because she was born on “shabbas Nachamu” (shabbas of comfort), which is this Shabbas. So a hearty mazel tov to Ella on her birthday!

Welcome to Herzlia Grade Four who will be joining us for the Grade dinner tonight. A warm welcome to principal Mr. Krupenia and the whole Herzlia team, and, of course, the parents and learners.

Mazel tov to Lilly Singer on her 94th birthday this week! kenehora pu pu pu

Every once in a while, a shul produces a son who typifies what we hope to achieve. Arnaud-Claud Bal, is such a son. From Choir boy with a golden voice, to filling in as Chazan, to joining Yeshiva and the IDF, Arnuad-Claud makes us proud. And now, he’s getting married! Mazel tov to Bubbles Levin and Ian Rubin on their grandson’s forthcoming wedding to Ma’ayan Hagbi in Israel. Nachas!