Mazel tov to the power of 4!

Dear Friend,

“It all goes, with how you close” is a Talmudic legal principal. It means that the conclusion of any act defines the act, even more than the beginning. And boy are we closing the year with a bang! Not one, but two smachot this Shabbos- and two weeks in a row.

Beyond the number of milestones being celebrated, which is thrilling in itself, lies the quality of a congregation who can “share” joyous occasions. Indeed, true joy is not minimised by other smachot. Real joy is enhanced when shared with another’s!

There can’t be a better way to close the year than with a double expression of unity and one-ness. So mazel tov to the power of four to the past 2 week’s celebrants, the Abrahamson, Brouze, Miller and Horwitz families: Mazel tov!

Aubrey and Kerry Miller have committed themselves wholly to our Shul: they are simply the Shul’s dream team. So it’s thrilling when Hashem rewards them with the opportunity to celebrate Ella’s Bat Mitzvah within the cocoon of their second home: Marais Road Shul. Mazel tov to our ex-President Aubrey and to Kerry our program coordinator and office manager on celebrating their daughter Ella’s Batty this Shabbas. Big Mazels to Granny Adelaide Sachs! Ella has enthusiastically embraced the legacy of community responsibility and we so look forward to celebrating with the whole family.

Craig and Kim Horwitz represent the best of our wonderful Sea Point community. Having recently settled in Cape Town (In Cape Town, anything under 20 years is “recent”!), they have been warmly embraced by the community and are such a part of our Shul. It’s no wonder how they integrated so quickly when you consider their generosity of spirit as they “share” their simcha this Shabbas. Mazel tov on Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah! Ryan has been a steady part of the Barmy Army and enthusiastically embraced the Bar Mitzvah preparation. Actually, everything Ryan does is with enthusiasm and we look forward to that infectious energy this Shabbas. Mazel tov to Grandparents Alwyn and Diana Hirsch and Alex and Joan Horwitz. Much nachas!

Closing is important, but does anything beat a first impression? Get your year right by starting it correctly. Make sure you and your family are in Shul for services but especially the shofar blowing on Monday and Tuesday (10:30am). If you are unable to get to shul due to illness or infirmity and would like to perform the Mitzvah of hearing the Shofar blown, please let me know and we will endeavour to visit you on either Monday or Tuesday. just reply to this email or contact the shul office today. Either one of our Rabbis or one of our Bachurim at Yeshiva of Cape will schedule a visit.

Mazel tov to Leina Sank on celebrating her 80th Birthday this week! Leina and husband Abe are paragons of community responsibility and involvement. Leina, truly your simcha is our simcha and we are thrilled for your week of simchas. biz a hundred un tzvantzik mit VAT!

Who doesn’t like a deal? Early bird special on Lulav and Etrog ends today! Contact Tanya Ziegler to order all your Sukkot needs. Please see the Shmooze for details and don’t delay!

Recently we welcomed our new Bachurim to the Yeshiva of Cape Town, Tzvi and Josh. Click for a humorous introduction by these energetic guys. Plus check their attached Rosh Hashanah greeting and special invitation. Bruchim Habaim!

Mazel tov to David and Michelle Shargey on the engagement of their daughter Jemma to Warren Beder! So special to be secreting a simcha…Much nachas!

Ladies Tehillim Circle closes the year this Shabbas, led by Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg. Finish the year with a prayer for another in need, and may G-d hear your own prayers over the High only Day season! Shabbas 5:50pm in the Shul Hall.

Condolences to Thelma Saker on the passing of her brother, Natie Abramowitz, and to Paul and Barbara Friedman on the passing of their mother, Sheila Friedman.

Today is the funeral of the last of the State of Israel’s founding fathers, Shimon Peres. Often controversial, Mr. Peres lived and breathed the Jewish People and the State of Israel his entire adult life. He is being buried with global acclaim, and I pray that this honour be reflected upon Israel and the Jewish People.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!