Welcome, welcome, welcome….and welcome!

Welcome to our new Bachurim, Tzvi and Josh who recently arrived from Israel to spend a year with us at the Yeshiva of Cape Town. Tzvi and Josh join Amitai and Jonathan and are already making their mark in our Shul and around town! Josh & Tzvi will co-host the shiur after the brocha titled “Friends or enemies: Seeking the third side of the coin”. Pop over to the “Israel table” at our Brocha this Shabbas to greet these guys and to have a taste of Israel!

All the way from Beijing, China, we welcome Dvorah Freundlich who has joined our youth team! Dvorah will be spending the next year at our Shul and will work closely with Rebbetzins Chani and Sara and the Maddies. Keep your eyes out for revamped children services, holiday programming and Beyond Battie Club programs. And yes, she speaks Chinese!

A warm welcome to Herzlia Weizmann Grade 6 learners, parents and grandparents who are joining us this evening for our annual Grade dinner. A warm welcome to Principal Mr. Anton Krupenia and his fab team! While it’s always exciting to host our grade dinners, tonight is particularly special as Sara and I have gone through all 6 primary school years with these kids and parents, and will be bidding them much success in Middle school!

And finally, welcome to Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School Grades 1-3 who are joining us at the Seuda this Shabbas. We’re excited to experience the unique Phyllis Jowell ruach and encourage everyone to join us on Shabbas afternoon at 6pm for the experience. Welcome!

Mazel tov to Ryan Schapiro on his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas! Special mazels to Allan and Briony who are such Sea Point fixtures and so beloved by our community. Mazels to grandparents Sally Schapiro and Hillary and Dennis Nick. We should also welcome those family members who have come from far and wide to celebrate Ryan’s Barmy. Not only did Ryan say the brochos on the Torah so smoothly yesterday morning in Shul, he also put on his Tefillin like a proper pro! In fact, Ryan attends the daily Tefillin Minyan in Herzlia Middle School and has shown true pride in his Yiddishkeit. I guess that’s what you get when your dad comes from Oudtshoorn!

And the Simchas keep rolling in…Mazel tov to Terry and Adrienne Berelowitz on Dean’s engagement to Candice Rosenberg; Mazel tov to Hylton and Lee Solomon on their son Dean’s engagement to Natalie Bentel; mazel tov to Arthur and Lauren Gillis on Anton’s wedding this Sunday, and Mazel tov to Judy Dadon on her son, Yaakov’s wedding this coming week in Jo’burg!

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, our Shul is offering some spectacular opportunities, which you don’t want to miss. On Wednesday, 3 fascinating life journeys will Shift Your Life; next weekend we host Rocket scientist Ari Sacher (“Inside the Iron Dome”) and his wife, Dr. Tova Sacher (book for the dinner today!); The Bachurim are here to learn with you and they have some open slots so dedicate the next 3 Thursdays (45 min a week) and prepare for the High Holy Days! Only 12 slots open so book quickly! Email rabbihecht@maraisroadshul.com today.

And next Saturday night (September 24) we begin saying Selichot. Scholar in residence Ari Sacher will present a talk (“The science of free choice”) at 11:45pm and Selichot will be 12:30-1am. Nothing gets you in the High Holy Day mood like this midnight service, so be there! Attendance is growing from year to year- be a part of it.

We bid farewell to a special Marais Road Shul soul this week. Riva Bloch passed away and we wish her children Bernice Rubinstein, Sonia Solomon and Izzy Bloch, and her brother Chorister Mompie Saven, our condolences. Riva was a committed regular in Shul, kvelling when her husband Morris, alav hashalom would recite Haftorah, and more recently enjoying (Charlie A”H and) Mompie’s music in our choir. We wish her family ‘long life’ and comfort.

Sukkah Mart is open! Early bird specials are available for your Lulav & Etrog set, with prices from R687. You can also purchase a fully DIY Sukkah at the size of your choice. Call Tanya Ziegler 0724354591 or email her Tanya@tonz.co.za. For Etrog sets, you could also just book through the Shul office, just ask for Tracy.

Finally, Reuben Wagenheim’s popular Trop Club is being featured around town. The Jewish Report just did an article on them and you can watch a wonderful TV program here. Well done!

Shabbat shalom and Liánghǎo de ānxírì (that’s “good Shabbas” in Chinese!)