What jumps on its own?

Dear Friend,

There’s only one physical property that moves on its own. It doesn’t require gravity, or sunlight and nourishment; it just naturally bounces about happily. That property? Fire. Watch the Chanukah candle and you’ll see nature’s dance as it flickers upwards and back down again, struggling with the bonds of its wick.

There is another physical property which bounces, and that is a child. As I watched countless kinderlach bouncing happily last night in Rush, I realised that each of those kids is like a little flame. And like a flame, they bring warmth and light wherever they go. Shkayach to Kerry Miller for coordinating, and to Rebbetzin Sara for the arts and crafts, at our community Chanukah party at Rush! From young to old, everyone had a blast.

The Chanukah calendar is just heating up. On Tuesday you can choose between…

Marais Rd’s Seasoned Citizens concert hosted by Ivor and friends.

Young Professionals drinks n dreidels by Torah Cocktail hour hosted by Rabbi Hecht and Omri Yedid Levi.

Chanukah concert at Ratanga junction- free entry from 3:30pm! Join Danny K and Choni G, and hosted by Chabad Blouberg, a not-to-be-missed family event!

On Wednesday, join us as we close off Chanukah, with a Torah at the top of Lion’s Head, including a full Shacharit and Torah reading. Marais Rd Shul’s annual Torah on the Top promises to be bigger than ever so come early, bring good shoes, suntan lotion, water, Siddur and Tallis/Tefillin for the guys. Climb starts at 6am, Minyan 7:15.

And it’s a week of Smachot!

Mazel tov to David & Michelle Shargey on the wedding this week of their daughter Jemma Shargey to Warren Beder. Mazels to Mia Feldman & Warren Weiner on their forthcoming marriage, and to their parents, Keith Feldman & Jacqueline Feldman, and Melvyn Weiner & Lydia Weiner. Mazel tov to Balfour & Connie Valkin on the forthcoming marriage of their son Gideon to Kesiah Frank. much nachas!

Congrats to Rory Gruss on the birth of his granddaughter, and to Barney Len on his 85th birthday! Barney is a committed regular to the Thursday Lunch Shiur and we dedicated yesterday’s Shiur in his honour.

Condolences to Abe Wollach on the loss of his sister, Rae Lewenstein, and to Lance Cohen on the sudden passing of his mother, Lorraine Cohen. Lorraine has been active in the Jewish community for many decades, whether in Johannesburg, Plettenberg Bay and then Cape Town. She was an absolute regular to Shul and will be sorely missed.

Tonight is the fourth night of Chanukah, and the earliest time to light is 6:23pm. First light your 4 Chanukah candles, ensuring that at least one of them will burn until 9pm, and afterwards light your Shabbat candles. Mincha begins tonight at 6:40pm to give you time to light and then get to Shul.

Shabbat Shalom and happy Chanukah!