Where are we heading?

When was the last time you heard yourself saying, “Well, one thing led to another…”? I sometimes wonder what was the first thing that caused another thing to…well, lead to another?

Whether it’s the 2016 budget with its euphemistic ground zero of “9/12”, or the ills of Apartheid or even Cecil Rhodes & his abundant statues, one thing is for certain- one thing will lead to another. As our Sages put it: Mitzvah goreret mitzvah. One good deed leads to another. (The opposite is also true)

So, a few years ago, we encouraged the Bar Mitzvah boys to join some morning services with their dad leading up to the special day. Then, one Barmy boy got an Aliyah on the Thursday prior to the Barmy (the Torah is read every Monday & Thursday morning).

The next thing, mom was joining the service (armed with a camera!), followed by the boys best mates, more family members and friends of the family. Now a breakfast was being served.

Mitzvah goreret mitzvah. On Thursday, Adam Gradner didn’t just get an Aliyah- he expertly read the entire Torah portion for that day! Shkayach!

What’s next? One thing’s for certain: one thing will lead to another…

Which leads me to wishing Richard & Adele Gradner a huge Mazel Tov on Adam’s Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos! Mazel Tov to proud grandparents Raymond & Sandra Godfrey and Johannes & Louisa Swanepoel. We’re eager to see what else Adam has in store for us this Shabbas. Much nachas!

Thanks to the community for your good wishes on the occasion of my brother, Shmully Wineberg’s engagement to Gisa Schechter in New York. Mazel Tov Shmully!

How hard should you push your kids? Principal Gavin Keller is back! The famous proponent of “blue brain, pink brain” is at it again- this time questioning the value of homework. No wonder he’s so popular! Truthfully, Gavin has captured the imagination of parents and educators with is innovative and effective techniques to bringing the best out of our children. Marais Road Shul will be hosting him on March 10 and the proceeds will benefit the Jamie Rose Fund to help this special girl beat her illness. Please add Ahava bat Miriam to your prayers and join us for this special evening. 7:30-9pm. Booking through the Shul office.

Mazel Tov to Warren Diamond who is celebrating his 50th birthday this weekend! 50 is the age of “advice”, where all our accumulated life experiences begin to serve as a guide to others. Warren & Nicky have always been guides to others and I wish them much Mazel & brocho for the next decade & beyond!

Mazels to Esther Schwartz on the engagement of her grandson, Dr Jarad Zimbler to Nicola Sayers in London. Mazel Tov!

Which leads me to…

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!