Why won’t she come to Jerusalem?

Dear Friend,

Only one reason my daughter won’t be in Yerushalayim this Shabbas- it’s not her off weekend.

Terror seeks to strike irrational fear in the hearts of its victims. In

Israel, on us Jews, it won’t work.

24 hours after the attack, it was Shachrit as usual in the Bnei Torah Shul. What was unusual was a sizable contingent of Government Ministers and MK’s who joined the service.

It won’t work.

Also unusual were the many regular Israeli citizens who joined the services on offer, horrified at the thought of 24 orphans created on one block in sedentary Har Nof. They came from all over to pray together.

It won’t work.

Ok, the bullet holes and shattered glass were also unusual. The determination of all present to have just another usual morning service was itself unusual when regular, saintly, worshipers had been murdered- in their Tallis and Tefillin- the day before simply for being Jewish.

So it won’t work.

Ask Dov Sorotzkin why he and his wife chose to hold their son’s bris in the same Shul- on the very day following the attack? His father Yosef explained that the Jewish response to anti-Semitic terror is to increase life- Jewish Life.

Ask the 5000 delegates at this week’s Chabad International Shluchim Conference (including over 1000 from Israel) in New York, what is their response to the horror? It is not words. Or sighs. Or protests (Although they also have their place). It is deeds. A determination to increase the Torah’s light & life in their respective communities in over 80 countries, especially Israel.

And that’s why it won’t work.

Because we’re not like them. We seek life- vibrant, shockling, thumb twisting, debating, caring, elevating life. And they- well, they don’t deserve any more space in this column.

Friends, embrace Jewish life. Make sure this week, to join one extra service. It could be on Shabbas, or during the week in the morning (7am) or evening (6:15pm). Add life as others have taken it away.

My daughter Esther has every second Shabbas, chofshi (off). This week she’s in school in Tzfat. So next week she’s off. And then she’ll be in Jerusalem, praying.

Because we Jews won’t let terror work.

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