Dear Friend,

Time cycles are a gift from Above; an opportunity for renewal. The very cycle of night and day provides us with the chance to acknowledge yesterday’s deficiency while resolving for a better tomorrow.

So as we stand at the dawn of a New Year, I wish you a year where you give yourself a second chance. What Was, Was… now we all get to try again!

Talking about cycles and new years, mazel tov to our beloved friends, Omri Yedid Levi and Bianca Meyer on their engagement! We are thrilled for you guys- the journey that has brought you together and the beautiful new day ahead of you. Much blessing in preparing for your wedding in Israel!

Mazel tov to former Shul President Selwyn and Edele Greenhill on celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary. Selwyn is a daily regular who makes up our morning minyanim, reminding us what Shul is all about. Much nachas and joy for the next 40!

And Colin Gordon makes up our afternoon services on a committed daily basis- and he’s celebrating his 70th birthday this Rosh Hashanah. Mazel tov, many happy years filled with nachas and good health!

If you haven’t noticed, the Mechitza downstairs has been completely redone and has met with great approval by those who daven in that section. Shkayach to Selwyn Fabian directing this project, which was so vital and has brought joy to many of our congregants. He and his siblings sponsored this project in memory of their beloved parents, Kuno and Miriam Fabian. Thank you!

You’ll also see that the seating blocks have been redone with new beautiful brass letters. Thanks to Rob and Tammi Sussman and Charlene Lea and families in memory of their mother and grandmother, Ray Milwidsky. Shkayach!

Sukkot is around the corner and the Sukkah-Mart is OPEN! Get your “four kinds”, easy DIY Sukkah or sukkah decorations from Tanya. Ziegler.tanya@gmail.com or 0724354591.

While its ideal to come to Shul to hear the Shofar, it’s not absolutely necessary and for those who can’t come to Shul it’s good to hear it wherever you are. Please note that I will be blowing the Shofar on Monday 1:45pm at Palm Gardens; 4:45pm in Good Hope Park and 5:15pm in Sea Point Place. So, if you can’t get to Shul, please come to one of these three venues and hear the Shofar sound in the New Year.

Of course, in Shul, the Shofar will be blown at 10:30am. I hope to see you there!


Shabbat shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg