You know how, but do you know ‘why’?

Dear Friend,


One week left until our Shavuot dinner and all-night Discovery program with Leadership Guru, Dr. Simcha Leibovitch.


Click here to watch a short tribute video about our visiting Scholar. Get ready to be inspired, motivated and discover new inner horizons. For our annual dinner, pls book asap as it’s filling up! Click here to book or call the Shul office 0214397543.


This Sunday May 13 is Yom Yerushalayaim, the day of thanksgiving to Hashem for the miraculous reunification of Jerusalem, and the eventual victory of the 6 Day War, 51 years ago. Join Tzuriel, David and Uriya of Yeshiva of Cape Town for a joyous service and breakfast Sunday morning at 8am. We are privileged to host these dedicated Students from Israel so join them in celebrating our connection to Yerushalayim and the Holy Land.  


In addition, Marais Road Shul Seasoned Citizen’s Committee will be hosting a Yom Yerushalayim Concert at Highlands House on Sunday 13th May.

Live entertainment Plus more!

10.15 for 10.30am Yach Gallery. Highlands House. All welcome


Mazal Tov to Nathan & Jocelyn Pamensky on the forthcoming marriage of their granddaughter Gila Urison to Elkana Fooks in Israel. Nathan is such a regular in Shul and we’re thrilled to celebrate with you guys. Much nachas!


LADIES TEHILLIM CIRCLE & PIRKEI AVOT with Rebbetzin Sara Winebergwill take place on Saturday (Shabbat Mevarchim) @ 4.45pm in the Shul Hall.


On Friday, we will welcome Herzlia Weizmann’s Grade 3 for the annual siddur party in our Shul. The joy and pride as these kinderlach receive their first Siddur brings a tear to the eye and clarity as to what our purpose as a Shul and School really is. As I said to the Grade 1 Parents at our Grade dinner on Friday night, education (and Shabbat!) is more about the “why”, than the “how”. It’s about communicating values and purpose; meaning. The whole pyramid of education stands on that foundation, and at Herzlia’s Siddur party, you truly see this coming through. Mazel tov!


Shabbat shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg